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Each weekend we spotlight something that helps us as a stitcher. This weekend I've chosen Cherise Smith's Stitchingly Along needle minders, fobs and froggers. Stitchingly Along Business Card It appears to me that these days stitchers fall into one of two categories:
  1. Those that are addicted to fobs, froggers and needle minders and have specific sets for each of their designs or
  2. Those who don't know what these things are?


Fobs are pretty dangly things that hang from the bottom of your scissors, usually with a larger, weighted bob at the end.  I use fobs because they help me find my scissors when I lost them down the side of the lounge; the scissors slip down but the bob at the bottom of the fob doesn't. Stitchingly Along - Fob Also it helps me remember which scissors are mine when at a stitchers' get together.  We do tend to show off the different fobs we use.


Froggers help to pull out any incorrect stitches.  I find it easier to use a frogger than my needle as I have a tendency to lose hold of my needle and then have to find it in the folds of my clothing or the floor.  With the extra length of the dangly bits I find the frogger needles easier to hold and less likely to lose. Fogger

Needle minder

A needle minder is a pretty item that goes in the corner of your fabric and magnetically holds your needles. Most needle  minders are made with light rare earth magnets such as these. Rare Earth Magnets The little magnet on the right goes under your fabric. The large magnet on the left is turned over and set on top of it, on the top of your fabric; so the pretty side is seen and the fabric is sandwiched between the two magnets. Needle Minder As I stitch in whatever chair I tend to be in, holding a Qsnap,  I tend to thread the needle through the fabric or through my clothing which changing floss.  The sheer number of lost needles that I find on laundry day, convinced me to try out a minder. These sit nicely in the inside corner of a qsnap, or near the edge of a hoop or a stitching frame; wherever there is spare fabric that you will not being stitching or getting your floss tangled in.


Cherise's Fobs are well made. The top clasp is big enough to use on any of my embroidery scissors without being so large that it gets in the way. Fob clasp She has many designs with glass cabochons on top of images, such as the ones above, but she also does cute metallic and sparkly bobs such as this dog and paw set I bought for a friend. Dog and Paw bobs for Fob and frogger. Cherise's Fobbers are a good length to hold in your hand. I tend to stitch on 32ct with a size 28 petite needle.  While the needle attached to the frogger is larger and stronger than my usual stitching needle, it is still a good size to unpick my stitches.  I have unfortunately seen froggers with size 20 needles that are simply too large and cumbersome for petite stitches. While Cherise's Needle minders tend to have a curved surface (the glass cabochon) the magnets still hold the needles nicely.  I prefer a flatter surface as I tend to prick my finger when picking needles up from a curved surface.  However thankfully not everyone is as much of a klutz as me and the curved cabochons look great as part of a set. The sets arrive very well packaged.  Each item is in an individual ziplock bag and then each set is placed in a pretty pink tulle bag. Tulle Bag This bag is then wrapped in pink tissue paper: Tissue Paper and then finally bubble wrapped.  Every item arrived in Australia completely unharmed! Bubble wrap All in all I would recommend looking through the Stitchingly Along Etsy shop and the Facebook Page and selecting a set or two for yourself or a friend.


In my last order, Cherise included this lovely Purple Grape set to give away.  To win, comment below why you like this set?
This is a 3-piece set for stitchers & others that includes a Fob, Needle Minder and a Frogger. It's made with glass & crystal beads, a vintage graphic and glass cabochon in a silver setting. Purple Grapes Giveaway
Contest is open to anywhere in the world. Whilst we love comments and sharing via social media, only comments on this post will be eligible for entry. Mel will use her trusty digital magic eight ball to decide the lucky Cross Stitch Review reader. Contest closes FOUR weeks from Publish; midday, 7 February 2014, Melbourne, Australia time (UTC+11 hours).


Why do YOU use fobs, froggers or needle minders? If you like this review, please share it with your friends.   Last Updated: 23 January 2015  (edited as I misidentified the cabochons as plastic. They are in fact glass.)

21 thoughts on “Accessories: Stitchingly Along”

  1. I love fobs and always use one to keep my scissors from getting lost between the sofa cushions. My family appreciates needle minders more – they’d rather not have to crawl around on the floor helping me search for missing pointed objects. I don’t have a frogger but I think I need one. 🙂

  2. I love scissors fob, needle minders and froggers, but they are not available in Japan, so l did one fob by myself(but it broke soon) and a great friend from the USA gave me a super cute needleminder. The frogger l also did with some cristal beads.
    Thanks for the giveaway, l didn’t have a complete set and love grapes and purple color.

  3. I love fobs but mostly I have ones I made myself. I like the idea of needle minders and froggers but have never possessed them so would love to win this beautiful prize. Thanks or offering it.

  4. I’m a recent convert to scissors fobs (I blame my fellow stitchers for taking me down this dark path). I’d use the minder, fob and frogger as a perfect excuse to start something new…Maybe something ‘wine-o-clock’ related

  5. They are gorgeous. I always used to use a fob for my scissors but one day it broke a dive never got round to either mending it or getting another. Froggers and needle minders are simply beautiful these days (at least some are). Never had one but certainly would love to own one or even two (me being greedy) one day.

    Unfortunately I’m committed to spending nothing this year so I’ll have to put them on my wish/birthday list but next year ……look out

    1. Gorgeous. My family are thankful I now use needle minders! I have not used a dedicated frogged – I have always just used whichever needle I am stitching with – or cut the top thread and use tweezers, but I can see a longer needle would help – purple is one of my favourite colours and this set would be lovely to use. And I am a stitcher with an addiction for all things stitchy – need I say more?!

  6. I bought my first needle minder last week, and love it, but keep forgetting to put the needle on it rather than sticking it in the fabric!!! Habit I guess. I did have a frogger but managed to lose it somewhere, and my scissor fob is getting on a bit. I would of course love this set as purple is my all time favourite colour 🙂

  7. I’ve recently tried the needle minder concept and I must say is brilliant idea of using the magnet to hold our needles.. This set is great for collection.. So I’m in.. Have not had scissors fob before.. So great chance for me to use if I win.. Thanks for having a giveaway..

  8. I personally made my own fobs from whatever charms I found at the local craft store, but I LOVE needle minders. This set looks very pretty and would love to get one. Thanks for the review and the giveaway.

  9. I would love to win, this set is so pretty!! I don’t have a fob and this is kinda embarrassing and I have no one to blame but myself but I am using a tree ornament as my fob, it works haha. I do have a needle minder but it is just 2 magnets nothing pretty and I could definitely use a frogger, that is a great idea. 🙂

  10. I have come to rely heavily on my needle minders – I have a little one that I usually put ON the project I have on the floor stand, which holds 2-3 needles. Then I have 2 others stuck to my magnet board, where I keep a beading needle ready to go, and any other oddball needles, such as a large 24 or 26 that I use for frogging. I need to get one for my travel bag, too, just haven’t yet.

    As for fobs, every pair of scissors I own has one on it 🙂 Since I also bead, I have made several, and a friend of mine also makes them by the dozen and just passes them out at our stitch gatherings! One of us needs to make a set of froggers for everyone – it’s on my To Do list!

    I thought of you last week, actually – I found TARDIS beads! BUT, they only had a few, so I used them to make a fob for a dear friend and fellow Whovian who’s been going through a rough patch since her dad passed in November. Next time I go to that shop, I will remember to check to see if they go more of those!

  11. I think this set is gorgeous and I haven’t had a fob or frogger before so it would be a great opportunity to give it a try 🙂

  12. I am the type of person who is not listed in either catagory lol. I know what needle minders, froggerse and fobs are but I do not own any 🙁 I do have a magnet that came with my scissors when my husband picked them out for me but that magnet is in the case it is suppose to be in and I don’t have a second magnet to attach it to my work. I don’t have a fob for my scissors because I haven’t made one yet and as far as a frogger I use my needle as a frogger. I would love to have a set of my own but just haven’t had the time to make my own yet.

  13. Before discovering Facebook stitching groups and YouTube, I had no idea what a needle minder was… instead opting for placing the needle into my mouth whilst getting my floss ready. I would have to say, after purchasing one, that the needle minder is possibly the best stitching invention EVER! No more accidentally poking myself in the face (because I missed my mouth), no more metal tasting breath, and more importantly….. no more dropped needles on the floor, where everyone panics until it’s found!
    I haven’t purchased a frogger or fob yet, but I can see their usefulness would indeed be a welcome addition to my stitching addiction. I’ve bent way too many needles in the dreaded frogging process and regretted the fact I didn’t have a suitable tool for the job.
    I love the detail in their making of this set….. such a pretty addition to any needlework project 🙂

  14. I love anything with grapes or grapes, and ivy on it! My kitchen and my dining room are both decorated this way. It would be wonderful to have a fob, frogger, minder set to match my decor!

  15. I love using fobs, needle minders & froggers! I can’t get enough of them. I have ordered from Cherise and her sets are so beautiful and well made. This set is so pretty with the grapes.

  16. These are beautiful tools! It’s always nice to look at lovely things while working.
    I have used needle minders for many years now. They are on my fabric, on my clip board, on my Ort container and anywhere else I can attach a magnet! I use them not only for stitching needles, but also for scissors and needle threaders. And not only for stitching, I use them when I’m knitting too (for scissors and needle to work in ends).
    I’ve only recently gotten into scissor fobs, mainly because I sometimes stitch with others and share my scissors. This helps me keep track of which ones are mine.
    I had a frogger many years ago but did not really know what it was for. Initially I used it to help count fabric threads, but haven’t used it in a while.
    Thank you again for the very informative post. It’s so much fun to see what is out there in the big stitchy world!

  17. These are very pretty and I’d love to win them. I have several needle minders and they are very handy but as us stitchers know you can never have too much of anything stitchy related.

  18. Oh, I love matchy matchy! I would love to win this gift. I always try to use items that go along with what I am stitching. This would match back perfectly with what I am stitching now. As stitchers, we love our little goodies! Thank you for the chance.

  19. I never thought about the extra needle I use to frog as a frogger. I reall like the idea of adding the beads to it. My needle went flying and I didn’tfind I for days! I LOVE purple!! Needleminders are one of the best inventions! What a great giveaway! Thank you.

  20. Competition for this grape fob, frogger and needleminder set has closed. The Magic Eight Ball selected comment number 2.
    Congratulations Flavia Takamatsu you are the winner of this set!

    I will contact you for your postal address and send this out to you.

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