An apology and a question

Hi all, sorry for not being around. As some of you know I have had gallbladder problems as well as the usual chronic migraine. This has impacted on my ability to write for Cross Stitch Review. I just learned that surgery is still around another three months away. So I need to start thinking about the future of Cross Stitch Review. So, do you want Cross Stitch Review to come back, or do you think the world has moved on and it isn't needed anymore? This is a serious question so I would like serious replies.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your health issues 🙁 Sending you warm wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery.

    Should Cross Stitch Review come back? Is that even a question worth asking? Of course we want you around! I for one know that I have discovered many wonderful patterns and designers here. Your articles are thoughtful and I can tell that a lot of work goes into each and every one of them.

    Of course it all depends on whether your health will permit. The last thing I’d want is for you to strain yourself and make matters worse. But all else permitting, then yes! I definitely want CSR to stay! 🙂

  2. I for one would like to see it back, even if we have to wait until you’re finally back to functional after surgery. I love the insight and the variety you add and some of the overlay and floss options are ones I’d never consider but then find REALLY intriguing.

  3. I posted this on Facebook but I felt I needed to post here too……so pardon me for repeating myself but…..
    Absolutely we want it back.
    Us stitchers still need that unbiased look at both the positive AND negative aspects of a chart. Yours and your guest reviewers honesty and clarity was a refreshing change from the hero worship we see with other reviews. You’re not afraid to tell it like it is and you’ve given people a heads up to possible niggles within the chart.

    I have a design I love but the charting is atrocious yet everyone loves and adores the designer and I’d never heard of problems before I bought it. I’m sure if I’d seen a review by you I would have been more informed about what I was getting myself into and I may have thought twice about it…as it stands I have a rather expensive UFO as the chart just drives me batty!
    That’s why we need you….things haven’t changed at all!

  4. I personally would love to see it come back, when you are good and ready. It was one of the best things to come to my mail box every day and I looked forward to reading it.

  5. Lately I’ve noticed a decline in all things cross stitch related – and I miss reading about my favorite hobby. So when your health allows, Please resume your reviews! I don’t buy a lot of charts but the reviews are helpful to me. I prefer to know about problems/ chart difficulties before I spend my money on materials.

  6. whilat your health must come first it would be good to see the review back not necessarily every day but perhaps at regular intervals. The reviews have helped many people in deciding about whether they wish to stitch specific charts.
    You have also brought into focus designers that a lot of people have never heard of and this on its own is a good enough reason to resume them.
    The ultimate decision of course, is yours but I’m sure many people would be sad to see them terminated.

  7. I have enjoyed the review quite a bit. Very informative and it’s always fun to read up on what’s out there.
    That said, health always comes first. I’m sending good vibes your way.
    When you able, and provided you want to, you have many loyal readers who would love to see the review continue. Even it it’s just a monthly spot, or sporadic as your health dictates. I don’t think anyone would hold you to something that does no work for you. This requires work, but must remain enjoyable.
    I wish you the best, for your health, and whatever endeavor you decide to pursue!

  8. I would also love to see the review back. I feel like I’ve learned more about cross stitch and designers, fabric and thread with CSR than I have in years of stitching. Forums don’t give the same info that we can get from honest reviews.

    Frankly, your tips about stitching with variegated thread have revolutionized how I stitch with it. And reach out to us for help as needed too please!

  9. I wholeheartedly agree with all comments. Love to have CSR continue, when your health permits it. I’ve made a number of choices & decisions based on the info in your articles.
    If we can assist in any way, please let us know. Health first Mel!

  10. I hope you feel better. Take time to recover and heal. I love your honest posts and would greatly miss them. I would love to see come back when you feel better.

  11. Glad to hear from you Mel. I, like many others, looked forward to the daily information on CSR. I promoted it on my YouTube channel a few months ago and received tons on wonderful feedback from other stitchers that they also enjoy the site!

    However, as every one else has indicated and as I’m sure you’re aware your health has to be the most important priority. I would LOVE to see the updates return, but maybe you could find a middle ground, like a chart once or twice a week instead of five times a week. I’m sure that pace can be difficult to manage when you’re not feeling well.

    This blog has been one the best places for stitchers on the web because it provides a fresh, modern, and organized look at this aspect of the craft. You have inspired me to branch out into new designers and to also think about providing reviews on my channel on my own experiences with designers and charts.

    Thank you for everything and I hope your health continues to improve. We’ve missed you!


  12. Mel this site is a big part of you and who you are and we would all miss it. I have found your help and advice invaluable over the past few months and wish you a speedy return to health and Cross Stitch Review.

  13. I would love to see it continue but your health must come first. I purchased a few patterns based on Cross Stitch Review. Please take care of you!

  14. I wholeheartedly agree with everyone. As a newbie especially I have enjoyed and appreciated your blog. I think the suggestion of maybe something less frequently could be a good compromise for you and us. Please take care of yourself and I think no matter what you decide. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  15. I would love to see ongoing CSR updates! but as everyone has said and I agree -your health must come first – crafts whenever you are up to it – thanks and good luck with all you’re going through

  16. I enjoy Cross Stitch review but your well being is most important. Please take care of yourself. That being said, reliable and honest information is rare. Your site provides us with a highly valued resource. What you have published so far has been much appreciated. If/when you choose to share more of your knowledge with us, it will be appreciated as well. I pray for a speedy recovery and all good things for you.



  17. Yes, I want you to continue as soon as you are well. I truly miss your daily reviews, I always read them first when I opened my inbox. Please get well soon. Wishing you the best.


  18. Firstly: I want for you to be fighting fit and healthy, as someone who is also experiencing future surgeries (both hands) your well being is most important.
    Secondly: I so have missed your reviews (and you) in my inbox, I love reading the unbiased honest opinions given and greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into this site.

    Thank you, take care of you and only if you feel up to it please return to us =) hugs

  19. I have to agree with everyone else. I have missed your reviews a lot . That having been said – your health certainly comes before all else. You could consider only posting when you felt up to it. Then we would get a surprise once in a while and you would be taking care of yourself, too.

  20. Just wondered if perhaps someone, like one of your fans, could help you in any way? Perhaps by doing a pre-review to help with the basics, and then you could comment on the subtle or most helpful, or most negative or positive aspects of the chart?

    I’ve been in the dark for YEARS and struggling with all kinds of drawbacks, thinking that it was my lack of experience that caused all my confusion and frustration, not the design or chart!

    All my best wishes for your recovery and continued good health!

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