La Dame En Rouge (Kruskamp) by Mystic Stitch

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Mystic Stitch - La Dame En Rouge

From the Designer

Beautifully colored and richly detailed counted cross stitch pattern that is easy enough for the beginner yet stimulating enough for even the most advanced stitcher. Designed in full cross stitch only. With 12 years experience, Mystic Stitch is one of the first innovative Needlework Design Companies to specialize solely in the conversion of Fine artwork & Photographs to cross stitch patterns. Often imitated, never duplicated! Quality you have come to expect & count on.

La Dame En Rouge is an oil on canvas painting by Janet Kruskamp that has been licensed and converted to cross stitch by Mystic Stitch.

Why this chart?

I love the Art Deco age especially when it edged into the advent of Film Noir. I have a soft spot for the posters of the time; such bold,  bright colours and contrasts, with a Noir edge.  This painting is one of a pair with La Dame En Noire.

Mystic Stitch charts are of fully licensed modern artworks or of Old Masterworks now considered “public domain” old Masters.  Mystic Stitch use less colours in their conversions in comparison to the other art-to-stitch designers reviewed here. Their experience with limiting their palette works well for dramatically contrasted designs such as La Dames En Rouge & En Noire. Mystic Stitch know when to use multiple colours changes (confetti stitching) for details, and when to use broad swathes of the same colour for greater contrast and visibility.

La Dame En Rouge is a simple design, she is full cross stitch in DMC only; a beginner has the skills to stitch her. However, this is a design that will take you months or even years to complete. Consider savouring the journey instead of focusing on the completion and you should enjoy your project.

Note: Please respect our artists. Your work will be a labour of love for months and years to come. Buy from reputable designers such as those on this site. They support the artists who produce the original works. By buying cheap art-to-stitch designs, you are likely buying from a designer who is not paying royalties or licensing and the chart is likely to be low quality. Without support, our artists cannot thrive. Your time, and theirs are worth more.

La Dame En Rouge
La Dame En Rouge


Mystic Stitch offers their charts as electronic download or in printed form. I have La Dame En Rouge in printed form and La Dame En Noire as a digital download.

The La Dame En Rouge chart pack has been printed in black on good quality white paper. The front cover is an off white card stock which gives some strength and stability to the document, The ring binding is of professional quality; I can easily lay the pages completely open or fold them back.

The La Dane En Rouge printed chartpack contains:

  • front cover sheet with a mock-up of the stitched design, the stitch count and approximate size (in inches) of the finished design, on a range of standard fabric counts.
  • pattern instructions and a diagram of where the pages sit in relation to each other
  • cleaning and care notes; washing instructions
  • the symbol key or legend, including the number of skeins needed for each thread
  • the 24 page chart

The La Dame En Noire digital download carries the same content as En Rouge, but as a PDF file which you need to print out or use from a computer or tablet.

The chart uses Capital letters, lowercase letters and grammatical symbols easily found on your keyboard for their floss keys. Sometimes this can cause issues as many of the Uppercase letters are easily mistaken for each other because of their regularity in shape and size  However Mystic Stitch have obviously spent time over this issue and selected their floss keys carefully.  Two of the most used colours especially side by side is La Dame’s skin and dress.  The largest floss usage in these are denoted by a / and a D.  These are such differing symbols that you can almost see the pattern under your eyes.

The Floss list/key is inside the chart pack; and it is not listed on the website. There is no way of discovering what floss is needed until after you have bought the chart. Also the floss list is in Symbol order, not floss colour order; while this is sure to be easier while stitching, it does make this a pain to find the threads to pull from your stash or a shop wall.

La Dame En Rouge is a fully-stitched chart; the finished project is wall-to wall stitching with no fabric showing (except the amount you leave for framing).  As such you can stitch on any fabric that you choose; Mystic Stitch recommends off white. There are no overlap rows between the pages so you can stitch in rows of 10 stitches across the page, stitch on Magic Guide fabric or grid your fabric or count carefully.  Most stitchers use a combination of these techniques.

Most art-to-stitch projects recommend to stitch one-over-one on 25 count fabric; Mystic Stitch recommends 14 count through to 22 count. As these designs only use whole cross stitch, I strongly recommend that you stitch on the fabric count you prefer and are used to.  You are probably going to spend a long while stitching this project, don’t make it more difficult by using a stitch style or count that you are not comfortable with.

 Materials Required

To stitch La Dame En Rouge exactly as designed, you will need:

1 skein each – DMC 151, 152, 154, 157, 158, 159, 160, 161, 164, 168, 221, 223, 225, 315, 321, 336, 350, 353, 355, 145, 451, 452, 453, 498, 520, 550, 645, 646, 647, 666, 762, 777, 779, 794, 814, 815, 819, 823, 869, 904, 905, 928, 927, 930, 931, 934, 938, 939,  951, 986, 988, 989, 3031, 3033, 3072, 3350, 3371, 3685, 3688, 3712, 3721, 3722, 3727, 3743, 3747, 3756, 3770, 3787, 3799, 3807, 3834, 3858, 3859, 3860, 3861

2 skeins each – DMC 310, 3042

3 skeins – DMC 169, 317, 318, 3854

4 skeins – DMC 414 Steel Grey Dark

10 skeins – DMC 817 – Coral Red, Very Dark

La Dame En Rouge - DMC Floss
La Dame En Rouge – DMC Floss

DMC Magic Guide  – 18 count gridded evenweave (stitch count 200 x 400). This design can be stitched over 2 or over 1.

For the recommended over 1 stitching on 18 ct (with 3″ border allowance) fabric size is: 17″ x 28″  or  44 x 72  or a medium pack of Magic Guide (21 x 39″)  or normal fabric’s fat half (27 x 36″). If you narrow your margins slightly you can squish it on a fat quarter (18 x 27″)

For 14ct Aida or 28ct evenweave stitching over 2 (with 3″ border allowance) fabric size is: 20½” x 35″  or  52 x 88cm  or a medium pack of Magic Guide (21 x 39″) a full yard of plain fabric (36″ x 55″).

18cr Magic Guide Ecru

Approximate cost for Project

Approximate cost to stitch La Dame En Rouge using the recommended materials (prices are in $US, at recommended retail and do  not include postage):

Chart: $16.00 (print)  or   $9.99 (download)
Floss:  $46.20
Fabric: $15.80

Total: $78.00   ($142.00AUD  or  €128.33  or  £91.40)

Places to Buy

Mystic Stitch sells globally, whether by print or by download.


Colours Down Under has all the DMC and some plain fabrics in stock. Jo has sale on all Aida fabrics right now. Jo would be happy to order in the chart, and offers a 10% discount on the package (chart + floss). Mention this review when ordering.

Colour Cascade Fabrics stocks DMC and 25ct Magic Guide fabric.  Tammy offers a 15% discount for readers of this site. Code is: CSReview. Offer ends 6 December 2014.


Casa Cenina in Spain stocks DMC, and a range of fabrics to stitch this design, including DMC Magic Guide fabric.

United Kingdom:

Chromatic Alchemy  has a range of fabrics to stitch this design.

SewandSo stocks this chart, and can kit it up for you.

Sparklies has a range of fabrics to stitch this design.

United States:

123Stitch stocks DMC and a variety of fabrics.

For Discussion

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Last updated: 12 November 2014