Onyria (Castellino) by Tilton Crafts

Time to include the designers of a different type of cross stitch – the art-to-stitch conversions.


What is it?

Onyria is a sketch by Rosanna Castellino using pencils and pastels on paper that has been converted to cross stitch by Shelley Lee of Tilton Crafts.

Why this chart?

Most art-to-stitch designs are fully stitched, in that the background is treated as part of the picture so every square is stitched, culminating in a project comprising thousands of stitches and months if not years to work.

I stayed away from art-to-stitch designs for many years; I am wary of buying from sellers who have grabbed a popular image, run it through a conversion program and sold it for a few dollars.  Unless the picture is in the public domain, this is illegal as well as producing a sub-standard chart.

Decent art-to-stitch designers have legal agreements and licences with the original artists (or artist estates) to use their designs, and worked with them to produce a high quality chart.  Good designers, do not just run the image through a conversion program; they spend many hours looking over the design, tweaking and altering the pattern to produce a better chart.

Tilton Crafts designs are fully licenced, and Shelley is as artist in her ability to create a great cross stitch design, as a look through her customer gallery will attest.

Onyria is a simple design, it is full cross stitch in DMC only; a beginner has the skills to stitch her. However, this is a design that will take you a lot of time to complete. Consider savoring the journey instead of focusing on the completion and you should enjoy this chart.



Tilton Crafts offers their charts as electronic download or in printed form. I have only received Tilton charts in digital format, so that is what I am reviewing. Onyria is a 25 page chart pack in pdf format. Save the design and you can work from the digital chart or print sections as you need, or print it all and store it with the rest of your paper charts; the options are yours.

The Onyria digital download contains:

  • front cover sheet with a mock up of the stitched design
  • instructions on how to stitch and suggestions for the number of threads to use for each count of fabric
  • diagram of where the pages sit in relation to each other
  • cleaning and care notes; washing instructions
  • the symbol key or legend, including the number of skeins needed for each thread
  • the 20 page chart

Confetti stitching is in some ways integral to the art-to-stitch process, changing colours every stitch or second stitch is what allows these charts their level of detail and complexity. However stitching all confetti stitching is  a nightmare!  I believe a good art-to-stitch designer uses her skills to know when to keep the confetti stitching and when to reduce the number of colours used.

Onyria has the requisite confetti stitching in areas that need the extra detail, but has large swathes of the same colours in the background. This allows the stitcher to alternate between seeing the details emerge slowly and feeling accomplished at progressing on the background with more speed.

The chart is printed with black symbols on white paper. Where possible, Shelley has tweaked the chart to produce a variety of symbols to allow for greater visibility.

There are no overlap rows between the pages so you can stitch in rows of 10 stitches across the page, stitch on Magic Guide fabric or grid your fabric or count carefully.  Most stitchers use a combination of these techniques.

Onyria is a full-stitched chart; the finished project is wall-to wall stitching with no fabric showing (except the amount you leave for framing).  As such you can stitch on any fabric that you choose.

 Materials Required

To stitch Onyria exactly as designed, you will need:

1 skein each – DMC 156, 158, 159, 160, 161, 169, 225, 310, 317, 318, 336, 341, 413, 414, 415, 451, 452, 453, 535, 543, 640, 647, 648, 762, 778, 779, 791, 792, 793, 794, 797, 799, 800, 813, 818, 823, 838, 927, 930, 938, 939, 3021, 3024, 3031, 3033, 3041, 3042, 3072, 3325, 3371, 3727, 3740, 3743, 3747, 3752, 3753, 3755, 3756, 3799, 3807, 3838, 3860, 3861

2 skeins – DMC 819

2 skeins – DMC 3865

DMC Magic Guide  – 25 count gridded evenweave (stitch count 250 x 354). This design can be stitched over 2 or over 1.

For the recommended over 1 stitching on 25ct (with 3″ border allowance) fabric size is: 16″ x 20″  or  41 x 52cm or a fat quarter (18 x 27″).

For 14ct Aida or 28ct evenweave stitching over 2 (with 3″ border allowance) fabric size is:
24″ x 32″  or  61 x 80cm  or  a fat half (27″ x 36″).

18ct Magic Guide Ecru

Approximate cost for Project

Approximate cost to stitch Onyria using the recommended materials (prices are in $US, at recommended retail and do  not include postage):

Chart: $16.00
Floss:  $29.50
Fabric: $11.85

Total: $57.35    ($98.65 AUD or £63.30)

Places to Buy

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United Kingdom:

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United States:

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For Discussion

Have you stitched (or started to stitch) a Tilton Crafts design? If so, which one and what did you think of the chart? Please leave a link in your comment to your stitching progress 🙂


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