Deja Brew by AuryTM Designs

This is probably the first day back at work after the Festivities for many people, so I thought I’d offer you some coffee and a giveaway for two lucky winners.

Deja Brew

From the Designer

Deja Brew: the feeling you’ve had this coffee before.

I love double meaning phrases and I love coffee, mixing both was kind of a natural transition, I have 6 designs that belong to that series already stitched and ready to be released.

What is it?

Deja Brew is the first chart in the Coffee Definitions series by Aury Torres of AuryTM Designs; the second is Survivors.

Why this chart?

I won this chart in 2013 in a Norden Crafts weekly giveaway. Unfortunately due to a miscommunication, I did not receive the chart, however Deb Koch of Stitches n Things saw this and sent me a free copy! This year I resolve to stitch more gifted charts.

I love definitions, sayings, demotivational posters; anything word-related, especially a good play on words!  It must be the old-school librarian in me, remembering showing children how to use a dictionary in the days before Google was a verb; tempered of course by my off-beat sense of humour.

Deja Brew is a relatively undeceptive design with only four colours; two in the cup and two in the wording. This small design also only uses whole cross stitch, so I happily recommend it for beginner to advanced caffeine addicts alike.

Deja Brew


AuryTM Designs are only available as printed charts. Deja Brew is a small design and thus is printed on a one glossy white double-sided US Letter (or A4) sheet of paper.

The front side has a large colour photo of the framed, finished stitching. It also lists the stitch count, size of the design on 28ct fabric and names the fabric used in the model.

The reverse side contains the chart and floss key. As the design is quite straightforward the chart is large enough to stitch from. If there were more colours in the cup I might have to squint a little to see them, but there are only two colours and they are in vastly different symbols so the chart works well at the size it is. In fact, all four symbols are easily differentiated.

I love that the chart pack is only one page as this means that all the information required to kit up the chart is available to read before you buy the chart. Also there are no concerns about lining up chart sections on a one-page chart.

Materials Required

To stitch Deja Brew exactly as designed, you will need:

GAST - 7060 Picnic Bsket


1 skein Gentle Art 7060 Picnic Basket


GAST - 7084 Espresso Bean


1 skein Gentle Art 7084 Espresso Bean



CC Toasted Marshmallow


1 skein Classic Colorworks Toasted Marshmallows


CC Wavy Navy


1 skein Classic Colorworks Wavy Navy



28 count Wichelt Lambswool (stitch count 75 x 102). This design can be stitched over 2 or over 1.

Wichelt - Lambswool Linen

For 14ct Aida or 28ct evenweave (with 3″ border allowance) fabric size is: 11½” x 13½”  or  29 x 34cm  or  a fat eighth (13 x 18″).

Approximate cost for Project

Approximate cost to stitch Deja Brew using the recommended materials (prices are in $US, at recommended retail and do  not include postage):

Chart: $ 6.00
Floss: $ 8.40
Fabric:$ 5.15

Total: $19.55  ($33.80 AUD or €18.85 or  £18.40)

Places to Buy

AuryTM Designs does not sell direct to the public, but Aury has offered two copies of her Deja Brew chart to Cross Stitch Review members.  For details on the giveaway see below.


Colours Down Under has all the threads and a variety of fabrics in stock. Jo would be happy to order in the chart, and offers a 10% discount on the package (chart + floss). Mention this review when ordering.

Colour Cascade Fabrics “I would choose Golddigger or Silver Springs, or even a lightened version of Brown Sugar”. Tammy also offers a 15% discount for readers of this site. Code is: CSReview. Offer ends 27 February 2015.


Casa Cenina in Italy can order in Deja Brew for you.  They also stock a variety of fabrics and floss for your unique creation.

United Kingdom:

Chromatic Alchemy  “I personally would be really tempted to stitch this one on Prismatic….it looks like my brain feels when I get that déjà brew feeling But for those looking for something a little less psychedelic I’ve also chosen Dune.”

Crafty Kitten suggests “Fall Foliage or Oatmeal” from her range of fabrics.

SewandSo has all the recommended floss and fabric in stock.

Polstitches has a range of Dragon Threads and hand dyed fabrics for you to make this design unique.

Sparklies “Oatmeal is perfect for this one.”

Thread Pickerz Silks “For a similar colour scheme as shown I would use autumn and werewolf for words, polar and deep blue sea for the cup.”

“Or as a brighter colour scheme Polar and amazon parrot for cup with the words in sunset and horizon”

Eileen of Thread Pickerz also kindly offers a 10% discount on her floss to Cross Stitch Review readers. Use code:  xstitchreview .  This works in conjunction with other offers (such as free postage for spending over £30uk / £70 international) but cannot be used with other discount codes. Code expires 8 January 2016.

United States:

123Stitch has the chart and all recommended materials in stock for you to kit this up immediately.

Stitches n Things has the chart and recommended materials in stock to kit this up for you.

Fiberlicious “Ohh I love Deja Brew, well I am a coffee maniac. I would suggest to use Shades of Brown or Tumbleweed for this design.”  Fiberlicious has a 15%  off sale until Jan 11.  Nguyen offers an additional discount of 5% for readers of Cross Stitch Review (20% in total). Just let Nguyen know you read this site when you place your order.

Under the Sea Fabrics “I think Deja Brew would be lovely on Brown Sugar or Burnt Bronze.”


Aury Torres of AuryTM is kindly offering autographed copies of Deja Brew to two Cross Stitch Review readers.  To enter simply comment below.

Contest is open to anywhere in the world. Whilst we love comments and sharing via social media, only comments on this post will be eligible for entry.

Mel will use her trusty digital magic eight ball to decide the two lucky readers and then contact the winners and AuryTM Designs.

Contest closes TWO weeks from Publish; midday, 19 January 2014, Melbourne, Australia time (UTC+11 hours).


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