River Spirits by Fire Wing

Today we have two almost-monochromes for Monochrome Monday. Two River Spirits from Eva Horne of Fire Wing Designs.

River Spirits

From the Designer

These two dragons are made using what I call “medallions”, circles of various sizes that contain abstract designs.  The medallions are creations of my imagination and have no meaning.  Dragons in eastern mythology tend to be long, with small legs, long whiskers and horns.  They are often associated with rivers and weather.  I decided that these first two would be river spirits.  I called them Yalong and Min, named for two of the larger upstream tributaries of the Yangtze, which is the largest river in China and the third largest river in the world

Why this chart?

River Spirits is from my stash. I adore Eva’s use of colour and her unique style. I have many of her more intricate patterns in my collection. Each of the River Spirit dragons are a full-size chart; you are not getting two mini-designs here.

Like all monochrome (or almost-monochrome) designs you can stitch these two designs in any colour on any fabric.  Yalong and Min are both stitched in whole cross stitch only; no fractional stitches, no backstitch, no specialty stitches. These can be stitched on any colour and count of fabric.

Due to only using complete crosses, I recommend these designs for everyone with an interest in Eva’s style, from enthusiastic beginner to advanced stitcher.

River Spirits
River Spirits


I love the River Spirits packaging. The charts are printed in black on US Letter (8½ x 11″) white paper, housed within a clear plastic ziplock bag. The cover page is on light card stock to add a little stiffness to the packet.

The design symbols are quite small but they are quite distinct from each other.  You may need to enlarge the design if working at night or when tired. Breaking each design into small discrete pieces (the medallions) makes River Spirits an easy process to work through.

Every successive page has a clearly marked three row overlap. There’s no need to tape pages together to work out where the next stitch goes.

All the pertinent information about the River Spirits designs is on the last page, easily visible through the clear plastic. So you know the recommended fabric and floss, the several yards of floss needed, the stitch count and estimated size of the design in 14ct fabric. Eva also lists provides a page layout for each design chart and notes that the “Aurora” fabric used in the Min model “is a very variable color cloth. No two pieces will be the same”.

Although these designs were stitched using hand dyed floss, Eva does not list DMC equivalents. Instead she suggests that you use a floss colour of your own choosing.

 Materials Required

To stitch the charts exactly as designed, you will need:


Threadworx 01025 - Blue Navy

2 skeins of 20 yards (or 5 skeins of 5 yards) – ThreadworX 01025 – Blue Navy


GAST - 0312 - Currant


1 skein – Gentle Arts (GAST) 0312 – Currant


Picture This Plus – 28 count Haven (stitch count 309 x 140). This design can be stitched over 2 or over 1.

For 14ct Aida or 28ct evenweave (with 3″ border allowance) fabric size is:  28¼” x 16″  or  72 x 41cm  or  a fat half (27  x 36″).

If you reduce your margin size to 2″ you can fit this on a fat quarter: 18″ x 27″

PTP Haven


GAST - 0240 - Midnight


5 skeins – Gentle Arts (GAST) 0240 – Midnight


CC - Cool Azul


2 skeins – Classic Colorworks (formerly Crescent Colours)  – Cool Azul


Picture This Plus – 28 count Haven (stitch count 309 x 140). This design can be stitched over 2 or over 1.

For 14ct Aida or 28ct evenweave (with 3″ border allowance) fabric size is: 28¼” x 16″  or  72 x 41cm  or  a fat half (27  x 36″).

If you cut your margin size to 2″ you can fit this on a fat quarter: 18″ x 27″

PTP Aurora

Approximate cost for Project

Approximate cost to stitch the River Spirits charts using the recommended materials (prices are in $US, at recommended retail and do  not include postage):

Chart: $ 12.00
Floss:  $ 31.00
Fabric: $52.00

Total: $91.00    ($109.50 AUD or £65.25)

Places to Buy


Colours Down Under has all the threads in stock. Jo would be happy to order in the chart, and offers a 10% discount on the package (chart + floss). Mention this review when ordering.

Colour Cascade Fabrics has a variety of fabrics; for River Spirit, Tammy recommends Rocket Queen.For readers of this site she offers a 10% discount on all orders. Use code PeaceOut during checkout. This code is valid for the month of October 2014.

United Kingdom:

SewandSo offers a variety of threads and fabrics.

Polstitches Jo recommends  these “would look great on Serenade or Sky High with Dragon Floss 53 Playful Pixie or 98 Blackberry Twist”

Sparklies suggests Misty Morn or Snowy Skies for Yalong and Fire or Innocent Princess for Min.

United States:

123Stitch stocks all items for you to complete these designs.

Picture This Plus has the chart and all fabrics in stock


How would YOU stitch either of these charts? Would you change the colours to mirror River Spirits from your country or mythology?


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