Free Designs: Jean Louis Grandsire

I love Tuesdays – that is when I receive my JL Grandsire email with links to each week’s free charts.

JL Grandsire

What is it?

To set the mood for a good weekend, I also thought we would have Freebie Fridays; each week presenting a different designer.  All sites listed here design their own charts. These designs are copyright to the designers, please do not abuse their generosity.

Why this designer?

Jean Louis Grandsire was at one time a major designer for Anagram Diffusions which distributed his charts in printed format. Several years ago, Jean Louis decided to run his own website and offer his charts as digital downloads.  Designs that used to cost $25.00 (€19.50) can now be bought for $6.50 (€5.00) or less.  Many older stitchers would remember his Quatre Saisons design:

JL Grandsire - Quatre Saisons - four seasons

As well as for sale charts, Grandsire offers a couple of free new charts each week. You have that week to download any of them. After the week has finished, these charts are sold for $1.30 (€1.00). He also offers a different chart each week via his email list only, so consider subscribing to view all the downloadable content.

I love JL Grandsire’s diversity of designs, both in subject and complexity of designs. Each design however is simple to stitch, using full cross stitch and back stitch only. Change the colours, add a hand dyed fabric and voilà a completely different project.


These designs are all suitable for beginner stitchers. Just reflect on your levels of patience if you choose a large design.


JL Grandsire’s charts (both free and for sale) are only available via his site  Subscribe to his site to be notified of each week’s new releases and the email-only free chart. The site is in French but he copies important information into English, and google translate is enough for me to gather the gist of anything else.

You can save each week’s free designs by clicking on the: cliquez ici yellow link under the each picture. This will save a .zip file to your computer. You will need an unzip program to open this file into a pdf.

JL Grandsire - Winter Walk

Places to Buy


Colours Down Under is a bricks and mortar store that stocks many different types of floss for you to stitch these designs.

Colour Cascade Fabrics Tammy has a  wide range of hand dyed fabrics that would add a unique element to your stitching. For readers of this site she offers a 10% discount for fabric. Use code PeaceOut during checkout. This code is valid for the month of October 2014.

United Kingdom:

SewandSo bricks and mortar store that stocks a lot of floss for you to personalise these designs.

Sparklies has a  large range of hand dyed fabrics that would add a such a sparkle to your project.

United States:

123Stitch is your one stop shop for all types of floss and fabric combinations.


Have a look through the Creations Jean Louis Grandsire site and let me know in the comments; which is your favourite design?


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