Dance of the Total Eclipse by Whispered by the Wind

In honour of the Blood Moon last week, today’s Throwback Thursday  is Dance of the Total Eclipse by Mari McDonald of Whispered by the Wind.

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Skeleton Crew by The Cross-Eyed Cricket

A spooky design for a rainy dismal day (well here in Melbourne at least).  Skeleton Crew by Vicki Hastings of The Cross-Eyed Cricket‘s The Cricket Collection, chart number 260.

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Tea by Alessandra Adelaide (AAN)

A two-toned almost-monochrome for Monochrome Monday.  Let’s skip the Monday morning coffee, opting for Tea instead.

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What is a FOTM?

FOTM stands for Fabric of the Month or Floss of the Month. These run similarly to Book of the Month clubs, or any other “of the month” club.

Image from Silkweaver
Image from Silkweaver

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