Garden Chair by The Cat’s Whiskers

For today’s Throwback Thursday, I thought I expose my greatest weakness – projects that need to be assembled.

Cat's Whiskers - Garden Chair

From the Designer?

A very pretty companion to The Peacock Stitching Chair. Flowers, hearts and ribbons surround a lovely little ode to friends stitched over one on the chair back.

There’s a little seat drawer to house your stitching necessities, and in addition I have included a parasol ‘tool caddy’ for a tiny pair of scissors and laying tools. There’s even a little pillow scissor fob to make the chair more comfy!

Supplied as a pattern, shapes, parasol hardware & bead feet kit.

To complete the chair you will need:  sharp crafting knife, cutting mat, a pair of sturdy craft scissors, approximately 20′ x 16″ quilters polyester batting (for padding the chair) a small amount of polyester toy fill, invisible thread, a sharp needle, water-based acid-free glue, small paint brush, eight spring-loaded laundry pegs, piece of fine sandpaper, tracing paper, strong cotton thread for lacing (such as Perle 8), cotton sewing thread to match your linen, an awl and four gold 1′ split pin paper fasteners to attach feet to chair.

 Garden Chair
Garden Chair

Why this chart?

I love the idea of needle books and tiny furniture and 3D houses but frankly I’m terrified of the assembling stage so I’ve never actually stitched any in my stash. I do have the entire set of Cat’s Whiskers chairs and I really do plan to stitch them …. some day.

As this design includes specialty stitches, one over one stitching, careful placement and 3D construction, I would recommend an intermediate stitcher or passionate crafter of any level for this project. The one over one stitching on 32 count fabric takes a fine hand and good eyes, but the delicate effect is worth it.

The Garden Chair was originally available through Cat’s Whiskers Design Studio and the Dinky Dyes website.  Janie closed down her stitching studio a few years ago, but now supplies some of her old designs (and some new designs) via her new Etsy store.

Due to the extra materials supplied, the Garden Chair is only available as a printed chart kit.

Garden chair kit


The Garden Chair kit comprises an 11 page chart booklet, 2 pages of cutouts, 2 pieces of study cardstock and a ziplock bag holding the four feet beads and the parasol hardware.

The chart booklet includes:

  • Layout map for the chair pieces, Floss list and legend, stitch count and fabric requirements
  • Instructions and helpful hints including: basting or gridding your fabric, personalizing the chair, cross stitching with hand dyed threads,
  • Instructions and diagram of Laced Herringbone stitch and Rhodes Heart stitch
  • Pattern for the Words on the Chair back, pattern of alphabet and numerals to enable personalization of the chair
  • Individual graphs and diagrams for the stitched areas
  • Instructions, diagrams and photos for constructing the chair components, then assembling the chair
  • Instructions, diagrams and photos for finishing the parasol and cushion fob.

The Garden Chair chart is packed with information including many diagrams, photographs of every stage of the construction and assembling process, and six pages of written instructions. These instructions are step by step and completely thorough, even down to listing which colour of cotton to use to bind parts of the chair together.

The new version of the chart available in the Etsy store is even easier to assemble, with the structural card stock pieces pre-cut, ready to assemble.

Photo courtesy of Flavia Takamatsu
Photo courtesy of Flavia Takamatsu

The only quibble I have with this chart pack are stitching charts. They are small enough that I have to squint to identify the different symbols. I recommend making a working copy doubled in size.

 Materials Required

To stitch the Garden Chair exactly as designed, you will need:

004 Strawberry Ice


1 skein – Dinky Dyes silk #04 – Strawberry Ice


103 Bougainvillea


1 skein – Dinky Dyes silk #103 – Bougainvillea


135 Dandenong


1 skein – Dinky Dyes silk #135 – Dandenong


DD Ribbon - Strawberry Ice



1 skein – Dinky Dyes 4mm Silk Ribbon #04 – Strawberry Ice

Zweigart - 32ct Belfast Mint Green



Zweigart – 32 count Mint Green Belfast Linen. This design is stitched over 1 on 32ct.

To stitch the chair you need 32ct fabric size: 16″ x 20½”  or  41 x 52cm  or  a fat quarter (18 x 27″).

Approximate cost for Project

Approximate cost to stitch the Garden Chair using the recommended materials (prices are in $US, at recommended retail and do  not include postage):

Chart: $ 15.85
Floss:  $ 18.00
Fabric: $15.65

Total: $49.50   ($69.80 AUD or £34.10)

Places to Buy

Janie Hubble Designs sells the Garden Chair chart pack through her Etsy store. She also has the Peacock Stitching Chair for sale and will soon also be selling her Victorian Memories Chaise Longue.


Colours Down Under has all the Dinky Dyes silks and a range of 32ct fabrics in stock.

Colour Cascade Fabrics stocks a variety of 32ct fabrics that could be used for your Garden Chair. For readers of this site she offers a 10% discount for any order. Use code PeaceOut during checkout. This code is valid for the month of October 2014.

United Kingdom:

SewandSo stocks Dinky Dyes threads and a variety of Zweigart 32ct fabrics.

Sparklies suggests Slightly Spring or Sunlit Forest from her range of fabrics.

United States:

123Stitch stocks Dinky Dyes threads and a variety of 32 count fabrics.


Would you stitch this design? Do you know someone who has? Leave a link to a photo of the stitched piece or work in progress in the comments below.


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Last Updated: 19 November 2014