Floss Review: Fiberlicious floss

This is the one of a series about particular floss types and brands and how to use them.  Thank you to Nguyen Ha Nguyen of Fiberlicious for sending me a free set of her Best seller cotton floss to use and Review. Also see below for a giveaway!

Fiberlicious Business Card
Fiberlicious Business Card

What is it?

Fiberlicious cottons are hand dyed cotton threads.  10 yards in length and composed of 6 strands.  So the same as DMC but a bit longer and in completely different colours.  Fiberlicious cottons can be used anywhere you would use DMC threads.

Assorted Fiberlicious floss
Assorted Fiberlicious floss

Fiberlicious silks are available as limited offer. The silk bundles come in 50 single strands of 1.2m long which is 60m in total. Silk takes the dye differently to cotton. Again these silks can be used anywhere you would use DMC threads.

Ngyuen says of her silks:

My silk is Pure silk (Flat Silk, 2 plies), not processed silk with polyester so it’s pretty soft and delicate. It might unravel when you frog so please treat it with care

Shades of Green (silks)
Shades of Green (silks)


Nguyen Ha Nguyen entered the hand dyed scene on 9 August 2014 with her Fiberlicious Facebook group. She still sells only via that group.

Fiberlicious threads come in two formats, cottons and silks. These then come in different styles:

Hand dyed – different colours on the same length of thread



Gradation –  subtle colour changes in different shades. Ideal threads for stitchers who don’t like dramatic colour changes.

Gradation Collection
Gradation Collection


Shades of –  Each of these are the different shades used in the Gradation collection. Note the slight differences between the Purple silks below and the Gradation Purple cotton above.

Shades of Purple
Shades of Purple

How to Use

Both Fiberlicious cottons and silks can be used exactly the same way you use other standard cottons and silks; usually two strands over two threads on evenweave or two stands over one on Aida.

Fiberlicious hand dyed floss can have many variations in the one bundle or may only have two.  Here I have experimented with Sea Dragon and Spring Breeze.

Sea Dragon
Sea Dragon

One cotton strand over two threads on 28ct white Cashel linen

Fiberlicious - Sea Dragon 1 strand

On the left is a square stitched one full stitch at a time, so \ then / then \ then / .   The right hand side block was stitched my way – two crosses, then down a row two crosses, back up two crosses etc.

For a more detailed understanding of both of these methods see my article in how to use Hand Dyed Floss.

Two cotton strands over two threads on 28ct white Cashel linen

Sea Dragon 2 strands
Sea Dragon 2 strands

This is the usual way we stitch with DMC and hand dyed threads.  The two blocks are stitched the same way as above.

As can be seen, using only one strand seems to lighten the colours, while using two strands darkens the colours.  The colours in the skein look a little different to the colours in the photographs on the Fiberlicious Facebook group but that can be due to dye lot differences.

Spring Breeze

Spring Breeze

Fiberlicious - Spring Breeze
Fiberlicious – Spring Breeze

This is stitched exactly the same way as above, with one strand above and two strands below; with 1 stitch after the other on the left and  my two stitches by two stitches on the right.

Again as you can see the colours seem lighter when you only use one strand. My skein looks  the same as the photo on the Fiberlicious Facebook group.


Hand dyed fibres are often not water-proof.  If you think you might need to wash your fabric once your project is completed, it is best to test your thread first.

Take a strand and wet it in warm water, then roll in absorbent paper or a tea towel to dry.  If the floss leaves ANY residue behind, then it is not colourfast.

The Fiberlicious Sea Dragon cotton floss passed this test, so I highly recommend it.  However it is always best to test your own threads, especially reds and dark colours.

The Fiberlicious silk is a soft two-ply pure silk.  It may, fuzz, unravel or break when unpicking.

My Experience

I love using the cotton threads.  I have only used what is in the cotton sample pack that Nguyen sent to me, but I am sold.  I’ve already put an order in for more of the Vampire Raspberry and some silks.

The cotton floss stitches up as well as DMC, it does not fuzz or break when unpicking; I can reuse the unpicked strands.  I tested the colour-fastness of Sea Dragon and it passed.  No residue left on the paper towel.

As well as the spot tests above, I’ve used Vampire Raspberry on Brodeuse Bressane’s Dentelles SAL.  Here’s how it looks on Colour Cascade Fabric’s Golddigger Old Map Style.

Vampire Raspberry
Vampire Raspberry
Dentelles - Part 3 Progress
Dentelles – Part 3 Progress

In this design I am using one strand over two threads on 25ct.  As Dentelles means Lace in French, I decided I wanted an open lacy effect for the cross stitching.  the blackwork is still to come; I hope I can use the same Vampire Raspberry in silk to give a textural difference.

The floss is lovely to use and I am already looking for more projects to use this floss.  My only detraction is that the Vampire Raspberry looked like shades of Red and Black in the Fiberlicious picture and on the skein.  However, once I unrolled and started stitching I then realised there were shades of vivid pink.  According to the Fiberlicious page, Raspberry Vampire is shades of Fuchsia, Deep Violet and Black.  This disappointment is solely my fault for not looking at the Fiberlicious photograph or the skein more closely.


My thanks to Nguyen Ha Nguyen for the free floss to use in this Review.  The fact the floss is free has not affected my review.  This review contains my honest opinion after using Fiberlicious cotton floss.

Places to Buy

Fiberlicious cottons and silks can only be purchased via the Fiberlicious Facebook group.

Nguyen has a special on at the moment for a Valentine’s Limited Edition packs of cottons, silks and fabrics.  Check out her group for more information.

Valentine's Cottons
Valentine’s Cottons

Fiberlicious - Valentine's Silks


Neguyen is also running a special for these Valentine’s packs:

Buy 2 packs or more, you will get $2 off each pack (14% off retail). Any 3 valentine bundle packs will let you have 15% off anything from regular line when you place in the same order.


Nguyen sent me TWO free packs of her “Bestseller” floss.  I am offering out the second pack as a free giveaway.  To enter simply comment on this post, telling me what is your favourite Fiberlicious floss colour.

If you are not on Facebook, you can choose from one of the colours listed in this review.

Contest is open to anywhere in the world. Whilst we love comments and sharing via social media, only comments on this post will be eligible for entry.

Mel will use her trusty digital magic eight ball to decide the lucky Cross Stitch Review reader and then contact the winner.

Contest closes FOUR weeks from Publish; midday, 7 March 2015, Melbourne, Australia time (UTC+11 hours).

Giveaway Pack
Giveaway Pack
Best Seller Floss
Best Seller Floss

Floss from top to bottom are:

  •  Berry Banquet
  • Sea Dragon
  • Sumantra Haze
  • Brumbleberry
  • Spring Breeze
  • Vampire Raspberry
  • Hummingbird
  • American Snow Cone

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