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It’s Friday again – time for another Friday Freebie, cross stitch or blackwork; Tom Pudding Designs has both.

Home is where the heart is
Home is where the heart is

What is it?

To set the mood for a good weekend, we have Freebie Fridays; each week presenting a different designer.  All sites listed here design their own charts. These designs are copyright to the designers, please do not abuse their generosity.

When sharing knowledge of a free design, please link back to the designer’s original page. Do not just copy and share the pattern. The designers offer these free from monetary payment; we “pay” for them by visiting the designer’s site, seeing their other designs, commenting on their blogs and pages and showing them our stitching of their designs.  Please do not take and not give back.

Dearest Hearts
Dearest Hearts

From the Designer

Tom Pudding Designs published Jan Eaton’s designs for cross stitch, blackwork and needlepoint from 1999 until 2005. The original designs are gradually being made available here as free downloads.

The designs, design names, images and text featured on this blog are copyright © Jan Eaton/Tom Pudding Designs 1999-2014

Scandinavian Red & White
Scandinavian Red & White

Why this designer?

Kay Jones introduced me to Tom Pudding Designs – thanks Kay!

I really appreciate an artist who has stopped designing but then offers her old charts free to all.  That is something that I don’t see very often!

As we have seen in other reviews, there are so many of the older designers that new stitchers have never seen, let alone been able to get access to!

I adore Jan’s diversity in style from monochrome to multicoloured, from cross stitch to blackwork from biscornu to large design. Each design is stitched using full cross stitch and backstitch or blackwork. Some designs include beads which you can use or you can replace with a cross stitch or a French Knot. I believe that Tom Pudding Designs has something for everyone.



All of Jan’s Free charts are on available via her blog. Some other designs can still be found in well established local needlework shops. As her site has not been updated since 2013, I am unsure if she is planing to continue to release more designs for free.

To access the free designs, click on the Download title underneath the picture of the stitched design.  The associated chart will then open in another window or tab.  The charts are PDF files and you save them your normal way; on a PC that is right-click “save as”, on a tablet, hold your finger down on the PDF.

Jan has released the Tom Pudding Designs charts as professional documents. Each includes the stitch count, the model fabric used, a complete floss list and legend.

She also includes many basic instructions for new stitchers, such as leaving an appropriate border of fabric, finding the middle of your fabric and basting lines for vertical and horizontal centre rows, what size needle to use, how to create back stitches and what fabric colour to use for each section of backstitch, how to bead and what size needle to use to attach beads.

Each blackwork design also includes diagrams and instructions on how stitch cross stitch, back-stitch and Holbein running stitch.

The charts are black symbols on a white background. Where the design is large enough for the chart to encompass multiple pages, each page includes a diagram showing where it fits in the overall scheme.

The backstitching or blackwork lines are shown in different colours.  Jan describes which colour floss and how many strands to use for each.

You rarely see this level of detail on free designs and I thank Jan for offering these designs for free and including such detailed instructions.

Places to Buy


Colours Down Under is a bricks and mortar store that stocks many different types of floss for you to stitch these designs.

Colour Cascade Fabrics “Scandinavian Red and White ~ (I would change this to purple) and use Misty Mountain Hop Fabric and Fine Wine thread by Threadworx”

Tammy offers a 15% discount for readers of this site. Code is: CSReview. Offer ends 27 February 2015.

Traditional Stitches in Calgary has various threads and a variety of fabrics in stock.


Casa Cenina in Italy stock a variety of fabrics and floss for your unique creation.

United Kingdom:

SewandSo has a range of floss and fabrics to make this design uniquely yours.

Crafty Kitten “Without a Cat (had to be as it’s a cat really!).  It’s got a lot of colours in it, so I would go with something soft like fairy forest”

Polstitches  suggests “Heirloom Linen” for any of these designs.

Chromatic Alchemy  “For the Friday Freebie I chose Summer Blackwork. I have two choices of fabric for this one the first is Serpentine to show how opposing colours on the colour wheel attract and Candy Floss which shows how keeping the same hue (red family) but changing the tint (adding white) also works.”

Thread Pickerz Silkz selected “Virgo.  if using one colour, then bright – hocus pocus or dark – into the mystic”

“Alternatively if you wish it various colours you could do the designs in your favourite colours and the lines of text colours representing the answers. I.e. use buttercup in the flower row, Deep blue sea in the colour row, strawberries and cream for the tree row etc “

United States:

123Stitch has some thread in stock and offers a variety of fabrics.

Black Cat Stitchery in Illinois has floss and fabric in stock to make this a project to remember.  Erica is offering a 5% discount for readers of Cross Stitch Review.  Coupon code: CSRSPRING15. Offer ends 31 May 2015.

Stitches n Things has some of the recommended materials in stock for you.

Fiberlicious “They have such a lovely collection of Zodiac blackwork designs. But when I scroll down and Valentines screamed to me the most. Love is in the air! All the colors in Jet’aime limited collection would compliment this design at its best. This collection is only available from now until Feb 15″

Under the Sea Fabrics  “I’d recommend either dark threads on Looking Glass or light threads on Witching Hour.”


Which is your favourite Tom Pudding Designs chart? What fabric/floss combination would you stitch it in?

What sort of free designs would you like me to showcase? If you have a favourite contact me (like Kay did) and I will review the site!

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Last Updated: 23 January 2015