Getting to Know You

I woke up today to the news of Leonard Nimoy’s passing; he was an actor, a photographer, an artist but most importantly a man who honoured others. one who saw beauty where others did not.

Nigel has updated us on Neil’s (of  Electric Bloke Designs) fight against cancer:

Neil fights so hard, but has very little time now. We love him so much and keep him as safe and as comfortable as we can with the superb dedication of the home hospice and community nurse. He looks out of his bed at the garden and the first signs of spring and to the left of the French doors we have hung our picture of “Shades of Strength”, the cross-stitch he will never complete now…but in time I will and I hope and pray it provides strength! I don’t know what the next few days will bring so I am updating you now while he sleeps.

All of which brings me to mind of friends, family, stitchers and designers that have been lost to us.

Needle and Thread

So this weekend, instead of presenting an informative article, I’m turning the site over to you.

Tell me about yourself, show a picture of your favourite stitched piece (either finished or still a work in progress), tell me who your favourite designers, hand dyers, shops are.  Do you get together with other stitchers or are you physically alone in this passion of ours.

Tell me anything you like. Comment on each other’s comments.  Let’s get a good discussion going!