Gina’s Fobs and Froggers

Each weekend we spotlight something that helps us as a stitcher. This weekend I’ve chosen Gina’s Fobs and Froggers.

Gina - Narnia

What is a fob and why do we use it?

A fob is something that dangles of the end of a pair of scissors. It can be a tiny stitched ornament at the end of a tether or it could be an ornament hanging from a string of beads; such as those Gina makes.

Gina - mermaid fob

Fobs are used by stitchers for a variety of reasons:

  • They are pretty – and if stitching a large design, you can buy a fob that complements.
  • They personalise your scissors. This is very important when a group of stitchers get together. Think of it as the stitching version of wine charms on wine glasses at a party. 
  • The added length helps you to blindly grab at your scissors on the table when you want to trim your floss end.
  • The larger fob on the end makes it less likely the petite scissors will fall between the couch cushions, and if it does, the added length and sparkle is there help you pull them back out; same rules apply for that bottomless stitching bag.
  • Some fobs have the right length and weight to counterbalance the weight of the scissors, making your scissors easier to use.


OK, what are froggers?

  • A frogger is a needle with a chain and bob on the end; fobs attached to needles are called a frogger.
  • The extra length helps you grab the needle more firmly to pull out wrong stitches.
  • The extra length and fob lower the likelihood of you losing the needle when pulling at a stubborn stitch.
  • The size 22 needle is sturdy and wont break or bend.

Gina - Needle minders

And Needle Minders?

Needle minders are a decorative magnetic item that you put on your stitching to hold your needle in place. Have you ever put your needle down to change floss colours and couldn’t find your needle again – this is what a Needle Minder is for.

Each needle minder has two magnets; one attached to the bottom of the minder and the other goes on the back of your fabric. The magnetic attraction holds your minder in place with affecting the fabric.  This same magnetic attraction is what holds your needle on the minder.

Frankie Needle Minder

Gina sells fobs, froggers and needle minders in a set to complement your stitching project or personal aesthetic style.

Why buy from Gina?

Gina has an artist’s soul when creating her beaded beauties – she has a sense of colour and style that I haven’t seen with other fob creators.  Her service level is wonderful and items arrive promptly in the mail; very well packaged.

Gina has a lifetime guarantee on all of her fobs, if a part breaks, send it back to her and she will fix it.  This is a little impractical for us overseas customers, but it highlights her levels of commitment and expertise.

Gina also has a Facebook group where she holds regular sales; usually Saturday afternoon (US time).  Anything unsold after a few days is put into her Etsy store.  She invoices via PayPal and expects payment within one week of sending the invoice. Facebook sales are first come first served, so you may miss out on an item you really like.  If so, message Gina because she may be able to duplicate the item for you.

Gina holds massive event-themed sales yearly in her Facebook group; the annual Christmas Sale is on this weekend.


I’m giving away this beautiful golden peacock fob and needle minder set.  Just comment below why you would like it.

Contest is open to anywhere in the world. The only valid entries are comments below on this post.  Comments on social media will not be included.

Contest closes in one week from posting this review (Saturday, 31 October 2014, midday (Melbourne, Australia time). Winner will be chosen randomly from the comments.

Golden Peacock set


OK we’ve reached the end of week three – are you still reading this site? Do you read it daily? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for the site?

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