You guys are the greatest!

I am completely overwhelmed by the number of responses to my last post.  Especially the amount of responses within 24 hours of posting on a blog that has been inactive for three months… I am utterly gobsmacked.


I honestly thought that there were other avenues out there that filled the void that Cross Stitch Review left, but apparently not. You’ve told me that honest and independent reviews of a wide range of designers and topics are what you want.  This is what Cross Stitch Review *is* to both you and me.

So rather than wait until my surgery (around three more months on another waiting list) I am going to start the blog up again sooner.  There wont be any schedule; reviews will be posted on a completely ad hoc basis as my health and your help allows.

I’ll contact dyers and designers and see who is still interested in providing suggestions and overlays given that there’s no fixed schedule in place.

What can you do?

1. Tell me what you want to read about … any particular chart or designer you have your eye on …. or a topic you are confused by or simply want to know more about.

2. Offer to write a guest reviews or even a regular spot.  Especially if you stitch different designers or are heavily involved in different areas of the stitching world, such as flosstube, yuku forums, embroidery guilds etc.  Please do not be put off by thinking that your stitching or social area would not be of interest.

Please comment below or email. Together we can get this ball rolling again …