Nashville aka 2015 Nashville Spring Needlework Market

The Spring Needlework Market is held in Nashville each February. Nashville is the premier trade show for  US-based cross stitch designers and shops each year.

Nashville 2015 Image Courtesy of Mani Di Donna
Nashville 2015
Image Courtesy of Mani Di Donna


Nashville is a “cash & carry” trade show, that means that only registered shops can attend, and they buy and take away their goodies with them.

Nashville is usually associated with The National Needlearts Association (TNNA), but this year it is hosted by Yarn Tree and Needlework Retailer.

This year’s Nashville Trade Show is 27 February – 1 March 2015.

So why is Nashville a big thing?

Many US-based designers schedule the release of new charts to coincide with Nashville each year.

Some designers (a lot this year) are providing Nashville exclusive charts and kits.  That means that only stores who attend Nashville can buy and carry away those charts and kits.  If there are any left at the end of 30 days then other stores can order them in.  Some of these are limited edition. The words “limited edition” tend to create a bit of a frenzy and again shops want us to buy from them, so they attend to get first access at these.

This year the following designers will be providing show exclusive designs:

These designers will be providing limited edition kits:

This is just a sample of those who are attending; see the full list of exhibitors.

What does this mean for us stitchers?

This means that there will be many new designs on offer and your favourite shop needs to figure out which designers to buy from, and how many of each chart to buy.

Regardless how much we wish that we all have a local store who stocks every needlework chart and accessory ever made, that’s just not possible.  So we have to help our favourite stores stock the right amount of stuff for us.  If they over buy, they lose money, if they under buy we miss out.  Cash and carry trade shows carry a lot of risk for the store buyers.

Look through the list of shops attending to find your favourite. Then let them know which items to buy for you.

How do I know what to ask for?

Some designers are offering sneak peeks of their new designs to whet our appetite.  Some stores are collecting these together to offer “Sneak Peek” pages.  I understand the designers wish to keep things under wraps to surprise the shops at Nashville, but it does help the shops to know which designs and accessories we stitchers are salivating over, rather than guessing at the Show.

Some stores collect information about forthcoming designs prior to the event.  Others frantically add new designs to their website at the Show. They upload the cover pictures, see how many of us want them, and then purchase accordingly.

Stitches n Things are the first repository of Pre-Show information every year.

Annie’s Crazy Stitchin is currently taking pre-orders and offering 10% off all Nashville orders.

Stitching Bits and Bobs are collecting pre-orders.

ABC Stitch Therapy are collecting pre-orders.

If you do not have a favourite Needlework Store, look through the list of those attending, some will have discounts on Show Exclusives.

Here are some designs that will début at 2015 Nashville.

African Porcupine Quills Laying Tools

AuryTM Designs

Joli Tambour Creation

Le 4 Damine

This article will be updated with more news as the event comes closer.  I’ve put the information out now so you can start saving your pennies.


Which new designs are you looking forward to?

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Last Updated: 10 Feb 2015