New Year Resolutions

Every year many stitchers make New Year resolutions:

  • This year I’m going to finish that big project
  • This year I’m going to finish two projects before I start one
  • This year I’m going to instigate a strict WIP rotation
  • This year I’m going to stitch one Christmas ornament a month
  • This year I’m going to find more time for my stitching
  • This year I’m going on a stash ban

So here at Cross Stitch Review we rounded up the blog, Facebook and Flosstube groups to help you meet your goals.


2015 WIPocalypse

NYR - WipocalypseHosted by Measi, this is a blog-based round-up to help you finish your projects. At the beginning of the year you list which Work in Progress you will focus on and every full moon you write a blog post of what you have accomplished that month. This is a fun, encouraging group and there are no “punishments” for not achieving your goals.  There are incentives for posting each month as there will be some giveaways throughout the year.

2015 Turtle Trot

NYR - Turtle TrotTurtle Trot is this is a blog-based round-up to help you along with your Big Ass Projects (BAPs).  Select 10 projects for 2015. Write a blog post with pictures on the 10th of each month and urge every else along.


The Totally Useless Stitch Along (TUSAL)

NYR - TUSALDaffyCat hasn’t put up the 2015 sign up post yet, but when she does I will change the link. Orts are those little snippets or tails of floss you have left over at the end of stitching a thread.  Rather than throwing these out, some stitchers put them in a jar. By looking at the layers of colours and materials (I have metallic and glow in the dark floss in mine) you can remember which projects you stitched on.

TUSAL is a blog-based round-up to help you find your mojo to stitch. At the beginning of the year you start with an empty jar and add your orts to it as you stitch. Every full moon you take a photo of your ort jar to show how much stitching you accomplished this month.

Stitch from Stash 2015A

NYR - SFS button_2015AStitch from Stash was so popular last year, that it is now split into two six-month segments for 2015. SFS has the aim of helping stitchers to curb your spending by primarily using charts and materials you already have in your stash. At the beginning of the six months you publicly state your monthly stitching budget. If you stick within your budget for the entirety of the six months then you qualify for some prizes.  There are exemptions to the budget and you can “earn” more stash money by stitching more of your older projects.  You really need to read the rules on this one!

International Hermit and Stitch Weekend

IHSW takes place every 3rd full weekend of each month, from Friday till Sunday. In our very busy and hectic lives, IHSW is a chance for us to squirrel some time away for ourselves and “Hermit and Stitch.” It is a time set aside to take care of us and our love for stitching. The focus of IHSW is reminding you that you deserve time to yourself to relax and de-stress.

Friday Night Sew In

NYR - Friday Night Sew InThis is a group that is open to all types of sewing crafts; quilting, patchwork, sewing, cross stitch, crochet, knitting.  FNSI is on the 3rd Friday of each month; on the night of the FNSI get settled and work on some of your projects. Then, sometime on Saturday – publish a post about what you worked on and add a photo or two onthe FNSI Flickr Group. Each month there will be a giveaway – something awesome to one lucky participant.

2015 Smalls SAL

NYR - 2015 Smalls SALThis is a  blog-based round-up for stitchers who like to stitch small designs or for anyone who resolves to stitch one Christmas ornament a month. You get to decide what a small is for you. 50×50 stitches? 100×100 stitches? Post a picture of your completed or work in progress small on the last Wednesday of every month.

Tons of Tiny


Everyone has them; smalls, tinies, minis, quick stitch-ups that get neglected because of Big Projects or life in general. Every time you finish one pattern, give it to someone else!  Surprise them, or have a round Robin where your stitching crew can enjoy the pattern and send it to the next person in their crew.  There will be one HUGE prize at the end of the year for the person who has done the most!

D.E.S.I.G.N of the Month

NYR - DESIGNDesigner Everybody Should Instantly Get to Notice. It is a monthly blog challenge for cross stitchers to present a designer of your choice, be it your favourite or someone you just discovered. You only need to have an ongoing WIP by them – and answer the following  questions.  Have you stitched a project by this designer before? Would you buy/stitch a design by this designer again? Why/Why not? What made you choose this particular design/designer? Did you notice anything that distinguished this designer from others?

Gifted Gorgeousness

NYR - Gifted GorgeousnessFor this stitchalong you stitch on any chart or kit that was “gifted” to you. The on the 15th of each month you post about your progress, how you received the gift or who you are going to gift it to etc, etc.


The Magnificent Teresa Wentzler for 2015

NYR - TW 2015This is a designer-specific blog and Facebook Group to stitch on your Teresa Wentzler projects in 2015. Post progress pictures and chat with other TW stitchers when you like; there’s no definitive post day.



Mirabelia SAL 2015

This is a designer-specific stitchalong for the year for people on FlossTube and Instagram to chat and share their progress. Choose whichever Mirabilia or Nora Corbett design you like and start stitching on 1 January 2015.  Tag your videos and Instagram photos with the hashtags #crossstitch #flosstube #ytmirasal2015  You can discuss or photograph updates of your project as often or as rarely as you like.


Crazy January Challenge 2015

CJC2015 is when you start 31 new projects in January (one each day of the month) and then try your best to finish all 31 designs before December 31th 11:59pm.  Or there is the shorter version of 15 designs.

This year CJC2015 has expanded to include Works in Progress.  So you pull out 15 or 31 projects you have already started, give each some love and attention in January and then try your best to finish them all before the end of the year.

Cross Stitch Crazy 2015

The first 15 days in January we will start a new pattern, we then have the year to complete all 15 patterns we have chosen. We can discuss what patterns we choose here, our progress, our pictures, or even off topic things we need to discuss. Or for those who like to watch …

15 Miras in 15 Days

A designer-specific version of the above two. Start 15 Mirabilia or Nora Corbett charts in the first 15 days of January and then try to finish them all before the end of the year.

Facebook groups in general:

Facebook groups are great communities to keep you motivated to stitch. Some have WIP Wednesdays, some have specific-themed SALs on the first, second or last week of the month.  Others run specific chart stitchalongs such as the ones I’ve reviewed. If you do a Facebook group search you will find groups to cater to all of your tastes and motivational requirements.


Are you planning to join in any of these year long groups? have you joined in any in the past? Did they help?  Are there any that I missed? If so, please add the information into the comments and I will update the article.


Did you like this Weekend Spotlight? Did it contain all the expected information? Is there anything you would like added or removed from this? Do you know of a particular chart, designer, stitch along or accessory creator you want to see featured here? If so, please head to the Suggestions page and let me know.

Last updated: 20 December 2014


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