Paris Couture by Vervaco

Today’s review is a Paris, one of the beautiful dress kits by Vervaco.

Vervaco - Paris Cover

What is it?

Paris is one of three dress designs by Vervaco.  As Vervaco only numbers its designs, this dress is variously called Vervaco 75.060, Paris, Paris Couture or Elegance in Red.

The other two kits in the series are New York and Moscow.

Why this chart?

This kit was a gift from Michele Anderson.  I had previously stitched New York and Moscow.

I have a weakness for fashion and couture, well in my stitching projects (In life I’m a T-shirt and jeans kinda gal).

I fell in love with this set of designs around 10 years ago. I couldn’t find, let alone afford, the set so friends bought some of them for me.

These are simple to stitch, New York took me about a week all told, stitching after work at night.  The designs are comprised of whole cross stitch with a little gold metallic backstitch.

Moscow did include Lana floss around the collar of the white dress.  Lana floss fluffs up like Whisper floss, above is the un-fluffed state.

I recommend these kits for beginner to advanced stitchers who also love couture designs.

Vervaco - Paris


Unfortunately, like most Vervaco designs, these three dresses are only available as kits.  However Vervaco take great care with their kits.

Vervaco Paris Kit
Vervaco Paris Kit


The kit includes chart, floss, fabric and needle.

The chart and instructions are printed double-sided in black on white on a large A2 (US equivalent is ANSI C or twice as large as US Ledger).

One side of the paper has the chart and floss key.  The chart is printed big enough, and the symbols are diverse enough that you can stitch direct from the chart. However the chart does need to be folded for ease of use and the symbols printed over the folds might get worn or rubbed off with use.

If you choose to make a working copy to mark off, you will need to copy the chart in sections and then tape those sections together.

The floss key lists the name of each colour floss and the number of strands to be used.  The floss names and all instructions are provided in eight different languages: Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Swedish, English and Russian.

On the back side of the large paper sheet are general stitching instructions about using a kit to stitch, diagrams and instructions of both cross stitch and backstitch and washing instructions. These instructions are repeated eight times for the eight languages.

At the bottom of the page is a Warranty form to send to Vervaco if the kit runs out of thread. The form lists the Paris kit number and your specific kit’s serial number. Simply fill in the form and send it back to them.  I have done this twice. I ran out of Lana thread on Moscow because I misread the instructions and stitched it with two threads instead of one.  Both times I received the thread back in 6-8 weeks.

The floss is pre-sorted on cards in the order in which they appear in the floss list/key. Although the DMC symbol assures us that DMC threads are included in this kit, there is no listing of exactly which floss colours are used.  I presume this is in case of online piracy and someone downloads the chart illegally instead of buying the kit.

In both the previous two kits there was plenty of floss.  I ran out of Lana thread on Moscow because I misread the instructions and stitched it with two threads instead of one.

The fabric is Aida, quite stiff initially, but softens up with handling. As these designs are stitched with whole crosses, I am happy to stitch on Aida.  As can be seen on the New York photo, Vervaco includes ample fabric allowance for framing.

The needle looks like a size 26 long needle.  I don’t remember any tarnishing issues when stitching the previous two designs.  The needle does have a narrower eye than John James or Piecemaker needles.

Although I would prefer that these designs were available in chart form (as I have fabric and floss in my stash already), I cannot fault the Vervaco kits.  They are made with quality materials and do not skimp on floss or fabric.  They are good quality kits.

Materials Required

To stitch the charts exactly as designed, you will need:

9 skeins of DMC floss Light Red, Middle Red, Dark Red, Very Dark Red, Burgundy, Ecru, Light Beige, Middle Beige and Brown.

1 skein of DMC metallic Gold

14ct Ivory Aida 15” x 22”  or  37 x 56cm  or  a fat quarter (18 x 27″). This design can be stitched over 2 or over 1.

Ivory 14ct Aida
Ivory 14ct Aida

Places to Buy

Vervaco do not sell direct to the public, but you can ask your favourite local or online needlework stores to order these in for you. The kits are not listed in the 2015 catalogue so your needlework store mat or may not be in luck.


Colour Cascade Fabrics has a variety of fabrics for you to make this design unique. Caitlin recommends Riders on the Storm or Silver Springs.

Tammy offers a 15% discount for readers of this site. Code is: CSReview. Offer ends 30 June 2015.


Traditional Stitches in Calgary would be happy to try to order this kit in for you.


Casa Cenina in Italy would be happy to try to order this kit in for you.

United Kingdom:

SewandSo would be happy to try to order this kit in for you.

Chromatic Alchemy “I’ve chosen Rhubarb and Custard for Paris Couture, this gorgeous dress is crying out for a romantic setting and I’d say this fabric delivers.”

Crafty Kitten “Pretty and elegant, doesn’t want much colour in its background, I would go Just Peachy, Oatmeal, Vintage Petals and maybe Tea Rose.  If you wanted something totally different cotton clouds might work”

If you wanted something totally different cotton clouds might work”

Sparklies “As soon as I saw this design I thought pastel purple background, which would suggest Slightly Lilac or Lilac Ice.

But then my brain also kicked out opalescent Dr. Smith’s Tonic for a rich (but subtle) gold background for that opulent touch.”

Thread Pickerz Silkz Eileen has been updating the Thread Pickerz Silkz website.  She offers 10% off each silk thread as it is added back into the collection.

For readers of this site, she offers an extra 10% discount if you use the code: Xstitchreview

United States:

123Stitch would be happy to try to order this kit in for you.

ABC Stitch Therapy in New Hampshire have Paris and New York in stock.

Fiberlicious “Sassy Dress would definitely be Red. So shades of Red for the dress and Dreaming dusk/shades of purple/shades of grey for the aurora.”


I like and stitch these dresses although I would never wear one.  Do you stitch things that you would never use in life?

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Last Updated: 5 March 2015