Returning Monday

Sorry all, I was taken to emergency on Sunday morning with abdominal pains. Amongst other issues, they diagnosed gall stones.  I'll be going in for scans etc tomorrow for the doctors to decide what to do about them. Sorry there has not been any reviews this week, but I hope to be back at it, fighting fit (or my version thereof) on Monday morning. Thanks for your patience Mel.

18 thoughts on “Returning Monday”

  1. Concentrate on improving, our stash budgets could use the break. 🙂 Hope you’re back to your normal soon.

  2. Best thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery! Those gall bladders are extremely painful when they’re not happy. I had to have mine removed in March and honestly I haven’t felt this good in years! Take care and come back soon with your wonderful reviews!

  3. Thought something might be up since there hadn’t been any reviews this week. Thought maybe I had missed a post that you were going on vacation. So sorry to hear you are sick. Feel better soon. Gallstones are no fun, I had mine out 11 years ago after 2 really severe attacks. The bright side is gallbladder surgery is one of the relatively more easy surgeries to recover from.

  4. I had mine out in January. you are going to feel so much better later…you will see! They will tell you you can eat anything after the surgery but that is not true. I will email you separately. = )

  5. you just take care of yourself Mel don’t worry about us lot we will still be here. Get well soon xx

  6. Hi Mel,

    It has been two months and by now am definitely concerned and I figured to check in, I hope you are okay and recovered well.

    Thinking of you,

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