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7 thoughts on “Suggestions”

  1. How about a comparison of similar charts from different vendors? For example, there are some works of art that are available from different shops, but it’s not clear which might be the best quality in the design/colors.

  2. Hello,
    I found your web by accident and it is very useful ( I wish I can find it earlier). There are many useful information that help me to find a dyed material or viewer material before buy it.
    I found a Eclypse ‘s color on your list ( from Italy) , they list the material that I’m not sure I understand such as Aida 44/55/65/72 or Etamine 11:12…. Is there any conversion to Standard Aida 14ct, 16 ct…. or Lugana 28ct, 32ct opalescent…..

    Thanks for your help.
    Hanh L

  3. Hello! Was doing some searches and came across your website. Remembering you had contacted me awhile back to put my business on your site with a link, I checked it out. We have grown quite a bit since then! We have our website up and running with our hand-dyed fabrics, are selling on Amazon, Etsy, and yes still have listings on eBay.

    We have expanded our embroidery and cross-stitch fabric selections and now offer Goldwork supplies. We and are continuing to build and grow! Come check us out!

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