Freedom by Seba Designs

It’s Tuesday, time for another stitch along! This one is Freedom by Banu Demirel of Seba Designs.

Seba Designs - SAL

From the Designer?

Here we go…The design is 110×75 stitches ladies…We need to stitch the border first because I will be publishing the squares and rectangles every week. You will decide where to put the designs. you can rotate, use more than once, literally anything you want. I am recommending evenweave rather than aida as there are speciality stitches, don’t let the name scare you LOL. Just that you will have lines not only around the squares of the fabric (the squares like the ones in aida) but within the squares. You will understand when you see them, I don’t think you would have any difficulties.

For the borders, I would recommend 2 strand of floss and 1 strand for the fillings. The borders would pop. Use a contrasting color for the borders. Dark shades if you will stitch on white, light if you will use dark colored evenweave. You have to emphasise the borders, this way boxes will be more visible.

Why this chart?

You can join in any time, there is no formal registration and no joining costs. Banu is offering this through her Facebook group for us all to join in and have some fun with.  She provides the elements but we have the freedom to choose how we use those elements so our project will be unique, in stitches as well as colour and fabrics.

I am a sucker for a stitch along, and this one is especially marvellous.  We start by stitching the borders in 2 strands of floss. Banu has already released the chart of the borders.

Then each week she will offer designs that will fit one size of the boxes.  You choose which boxes to stitch which design. Banu has already suggested that using the same design in a row looks very pleasing. The charts page for the smallest boxes was released last night.

Some of the blocks will be specialty stitches or blackwork, so I would recommend this piece to an adventurous beginner or seasoned stitcher who wants to craft something unique.


Unlike Mystery Stitch alongs, Seba Designs gives you all the information and a view of how the elements interlock. Just by looking at the above picture you get a good idea of whether this Stitch along is for you.

You DO need to be a member of Facebook to join in, as the chart and design blocks are only available via the Seba Designs Facebook group. The border chart is already available and the design blocks will be posted there weekly.  The group is quite abuzz with this stitch along and there are already many conversations discussing fabric choices, floss types, use of beads and general stitching questions.

As the charts will only be posted on the Facebook group you will need to copy and save them; they will not be sent to you.  Each week’s designs chart is available as a .jpg image file or a PDF document file.  Save whichever suits you the best.  The images may be a little small, so be prepared to enlarge as necessary.

As this chart is designed as a monochrome, there are no colour symbols to differentiate.  However, there is nothing stopping you from stitching each block in a differing colour.

 Materials Required

To stitch the chart exactly as designed, you will need:



Floss of one form or another.  Banu recommends stitching a dark floss on a pale background or vice versa.  2 strands for the border and one strand for blocks.

Any evenweave or linen fabric (stitch count 75 x 110). This design is stitched over 2 due to the specialty stitches.

For 28ct evenweave (with 3″ border allowance) fabric size is: 11½ x 14″  or  29 x 35cm   or  a fat eighth (13 x 18″).

Approximate cost for Project

This will vary wildly depending on which floss brand you use, how many colours, if you include beads and if you use hand dyed fabric.  The costs for stitching this design exactly as drawn (DMC 310 Black on white 28ct fabric) are:

Chart:   free
Floss:   $0.90
Fabric: $5.45

Total: $6.35   ($12.00 AUD or £12.90)

Places to Buy


Colours Down Under stocks all your floss and embellishment needs. Also some plain evenweave and Aida choices.

Colour Cascade Fabrics has a variety of colours to suit your personal style. Tammy offers a 15% discount for readers of this site. Code is: CSReview. Offer ends 6 December 2014.

United Kingdom:

SewandSo stocks all of your DMC floss and a variety of fabric choices.

Sparklies suggests stitching Black thread on Fire or Sunflowers  OR  White thread on Ink, Pitch or Moonlighting

United States:

123Stitch stocks all most of your floss and embellishment needs.

For Discussion

Will you be joining this stitch along? What are your thoughts on the design and giving us stitchers the power to rearrange the blocks designs to suit ourselves?


Did you like this review? Did it contain all the expected information? Is there anything you would like added or removed from the reviews? Do you know of a particular chart or designer you want to see featured here? If so, please head to the Suggestions page and let me know.

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