Spanish Rouge by Sampler Cove

I’ve been asked by Mel, as someone who loves samplers and who is currently stitching Sampler Rouge if I would do a review.

Sampler Cove - Spanish Rouge Coveer

What is it?

The Designer of Spanish Rouge is Diane Jourdan, an American who, until recently, lived in Thailand and who created the Sampler Cove company. For those who are, or were, members of the Yahoo group, The Sampler Life, you will recognise her as Thai Di.

Diane makes no comment as to what drew her to design this other than to refer to it as a Spanish Inspired Sampler. Sadly she is no longer designing although has recently returned to live in the US in her retirement. Hopefully she will at some point reverse her decision and design again. We can but hope.

Why this chart?

I was drawn to stitching Spanish Rouge as it looked complicated but in fact isn’t. I loved the overall look of it and as it has a companion piece Spanish Bleu, I could see them both hanging on my wall. Spanish Bleu is also stitched in only two colours.

This particular chart and the Au Soie threads to stitch were a gift to me from Mel sometime ago so my stitching of it is doubly pleasurable knowing that it was given in friendship.

The chart has several specialty stitches but none of them difficult and there are explicit and well drawn how-to diagrams by Valerie Vejrostek. The original model was stitched with one thread on 36ct with Vikki Clayton Hand Dyed Fibers in Diane’s Rouge (especially created for this piece) and Heartwood.

This, and indeed, any of Sampler Cove charts would be suitable for anyone who stitches, be they beginners or experts.

Sampler Cove - Spanish Rouge


As far as I am aware it is only possible to purchase printed charts of any of the Sampler Cove designs and, as Diane has stopped designing, they are becoming a little more difficult to find.

The chart comes on A4 paper of good quality. It is printed in black and white and there is a three-line overlap on each sheet.

Each part of the design is denoted by a number and correlates with the instructions which come on a separate sheet. The stitch diagrams are large and easy to follow.

There are 12 pages to the design and each is clearly marked. The chart is a 10 x 10 grid although the individual lines cannot be seen clearly; you have to pay attention to the stitch placement.

I have made working copies but it is not really necessary if you prefer to stitch direct from the chart.

My Experience

I am thoroughly enjoying stitching this chart. I did change the dividing stitch pattern as I preferred something plainer and I’m stitching over two, not over one, but then this is what stitching is about; making each design unique to yourself.

Although this design is called Spanish Rouge there is no need to keep to red. I’ve always felt that perhaps purple and yellow, or better still turquoise and orange stitched on black would be good. The latter would be in keeping with the Moors influence in Spain, especially in places like Alhambra.  The more I think about it the more I wish I had. I’m getting very tempted to do it on black.

I am now three-quarters of a way through this sampler. If you would care to watch it’s progress you are welcome to peruse my blog.

Thank you for asking me to do this review Mel. I hope I haven’t frightened all your followers away.

Spanish Rouge by Sampler Cove Kay's Work in Progress Photograph  and stitching courtesy of Kay Jones.
Spanish Rouge by Sampler Cove
Kay’s Work in Progress
Photograph and stitching courtesy of Kay Jones.

Materials Required

To stitch the charts exactly as designed, you will need:

10 skeins Vikki Clayton Hand Dyed Fibers in Diane’s Rouge (especially created for this piece)

10 skeins Vikki Clayton Hand Dyed Fibers in Heartwood.




5 skeins AVAS Soie d’Alger Silk 945





5 skeins AVAS Soie d’Alger Silk 946



No amounts are given but I have used 5 skeins of each, stitching one thread over two on 32ct.


DMC 814 Very Dark Garnet


5 skeins DMC 814 Very Dark Garnet (estimated)


DMC 815 Garnet Medium


5 skeins DMC 815 Medium Garnet (estimated)


Lakeside Linen 36 count “Magnolia” Edinburgh Linen  (stitch count 181 x 284). For 36 count fabric  (with 3″ border allowance) fabric size is: 16¼” x 22”  or  41 x 56cm  or  a fat quarter (18 x 27″).

Lakeside Linen 32ct  Magnolia
Lakeside Linen 32ct Magnolia

For 28ct evenweave stitched over two (with 3″ border allowance) fabric size is: 19” x 26½”  or  48 x 67cm  or  a fat half (27 x 36″).

Approximate cost for Project

Approximate cost to stitch this design using the recommended materials (prices are in $US, at recommended retail and do  not include postage):

Chart: $22.00
Floss:  $45.00
Fabric: $11.85

Total: $78.85  ($114.35 AUD  or  €63.00  or  £57.00)

Places to Buy

Sampler Cove is no longer in business, but at present this is still an easy chart to find.  Check the stores mentioned below.


Colours Down Under has all the threads and a variety of plain fabrics in stock.

Colour Cascade Fabrics ” I would choose FairyTale or Fairies Wear Boots for this one”

Tammy offers a 15% discount for readers of this site. Code is: CSReview. Offer ends 27 February 2015.


Traditional Stitches in Calgary have a selection of floss and fabrics to suit your taste.


Casa Cenina in Italy stock a variety of fabrics and floss for your unique creation.

United Kingdom:

SewandSo has  everything in stock to stitch up this design!

Chromatic Alchemy  ” Spanish Rouge looks lovely on a few of my fabrics whilst using the recommended floss. Each colour I’ve chosen gives the piece a different feel. ”

Crafty Kitten “I’d go with just peachy or oatmeal.  I was going to say tea rose, but I think the finer detailed bits will get a little lost on it.”

Sparklies suggests “I have no red threads in my range so I decided to go inverse on this one. White or cream thread on Aries or Etain would make it a different while maintaining the red theme.”

Thread Pickerz Silkz suggests “P3 and Mauve” from her range of silks.

United States:

123Stitch has the chart and fabric in stock.

Black Cat Stitchery in Illinois has floss and fabric in stock to make this a project to remember.  Erica is offering a 5% discount for readers of Cross Stitch Review.  Coupon code: CSRSPRING15. Offer ends 31 May 2015.

Stitches n Things has a variety of fabric and floss in stock for your to create your unique vision.


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Last Updated: 3 February 2015