St Patricks Gold by Pine Glen Designs

A 3D Christmas Ornament. May not get finished in time for this year, but you can get a head start on those new ornaments you’re planning to stitch next year!

Pine Glen Designs Heirloom Ornament St Patricks Gold

What is it?

St Patrick’s Gold is one in a series of Heirloom Ornaments produced by Pine Glen Designs. It is so named as the colour scheme is Shamrock and Gold.

Why this chart?

I have absolutely no idea how this ended up in my stash. If anyone remembers please let me know. For years I have kinda promised myself that I would stitch ornaments to give away to stitching friends or to hang on my tree.  I have not stitched one!

I like the three-dimensional aspect of this one. You don’t need to back it with any other fabric, just stitch it and sew it together like a biscornu! I also love the texture provided by the Rhodes stitches, metallic thread and beads. This design uses Half Rhodes, Rhodes Hearts and Rhodes Diamonds specialty stitches.

Given the three-dimensional nature of St Patrick’s Gold, the specialty stitches and the beads, I would not recommend this as your first cross stitch pattern.  If you are an experienced 3 dimensional sewer (other ornaments, stuffed toys etc) then yes stitch this !

Pine Glen Designs - St Patrick's Gold
Pine Glen Designs – St Patrick’s Gold


All of the Pine Glen Designs Heirloom Ornaments charts are available as printed charts or digital downloads.  I have the printed chart in my stash.

The St Patrick’s Gold chartpack is presented as an eight page US Letter (or A4) booklet (made from a slight cardstock and a sheet of  paper both in US Ledger (A3), double-sided printed, stapled and folded.

The front cover includes a photograph of the finished ornament. The back cover lists the fabric used in the model.  Neither the outside of the booklet nor the website include all the materials needed to stitch the design. You need to purchase the chart first and then work out the items required.

The third page of the booklet lists the stitch count, size of fabric needed for one single segment of the ornament, the floss list and floss key.  Also there is a very basic diagram for the Rhodes stitch variations.  St Patrick’s Gold uses Half Rhodes, Rhodes Hearts and Rhodes Diamonds. Use the instructions here or in the following Youtube clip by MrsMilkyBarKid to learn how to stitch the Rhodes variations.

The stitch chart for this design, shows one segment of the design, with the comment “you will need to stitch up 8 of this chart”. As the segments are identical I can understand why they have only printed this once. However the fabric size lists only the fabric needed for one of these segments, not the whole ornament. This could be a trap for the unwary.

The Finishing Instructions are comprised of three pages of annotated black and white photographs that assumes the stitcher has an understanding of general sewing techniques. For example, stitchers are instructed to use whip stitch without providing any description of what it is or how to use it in this context. Items such as fusible interfacing and filling material are not listed until they are to be used in the finishing; there’s no preparation given for the beginner ornament maker.

However if you have stitched three-dimensional items before, such as other ornaments, stuffed toys or are a general crafter, these annotated photographs are suitable for your needs.

The model was stitched on 14 count Aida, however given the use of dense Rhodes stitches, I recommend that you stitch this ornament on an evenweave fabric.

Materials Required

To stitch the charts exactly as designed, you will need:

DMC 895 Very Dark Hunter Green


1 skein DMC 895 Very Dark Hunter Green


DMC 4045 Evergreen Forest Variations


1 skein DMC 4045 Evergreen Forest Variations



DMC E3821 Light Effects Precious Metals Light Gold


1 skein DMC E3821 Light Effects Precious Metals Light Gold


Mill Hill 00557 Gold


1 packet Mill Hill 00557 Gold Beads



Mill Hill 02054 Brilliant Shamrock


1 packet Mill Hill 02054 Brilliant Shamrock



Not listed, but used in the instructions:

  • fusible interfacing
  • large beads for hanging tassels
  • pony beads for securing tassels
  • stuffing for the inside of the ornament

14ct Zweigart Aida Gold/Cream (stitch count 28 x 30 times eight segments)

For 14ct Aida or 28ct evenweave (with 2″ border allowance and 1″ break between segments) fabric size is: 9.5” x 13”  or  24 x 33cm  or  an ornament cut (9 x 13″).  This assumes that the ornament segments are stitched in two rows of four.

Zweigart -14ct Aida Cream Gold Lurex

Approximate cost for Project

Approximate cost to stitch St Patrick’s Gold Heirloom Ornament using the recommended materials (prices are in $US, at recommended retail and do  not include postage or the extra materials for finishing):

Chart: $ 6.00
Floss:  $ 6.75
Fabric: $5.15

Total: $17.90  ($34.33 AUD  or  €18.45  or  £15.25)

Places to Buy

Pine Glen Designs sells St Patrick’s Gold as both a download PDF ($6.00) and a printed chart ($12.00).  St Patrick’s Gold is also included in the chart bundle Colours of the Crown which has four Heirloom Ornament Designs as a single PDF download ($15.00).


Colours Down Under has all the threads and a variety of fabrics in stock.

Colour Cascade Fabrics has a variety of fabrics for you to make this design unique. Tammy offers a 15% discount for readers of this site. Code is: CSReview. Offer ends 27 February 2015.


Casa Cenina in Spain stock a variety of fabrics and floss for your unique creation.

United Kingdom:

SewandSo has all the floss in stock and a variety of fabrics to choose from.

Polstitches has a range of Dragon Threads and hand dyed fabrics for you to make this design unique.

Sparklies have a range of fabrics and threads to make this design sparkle.

Chromatic Alchemy  has some beautiful fabrics to make your design shine.

United States:

123Stitch has the thread and embellishments in stock and offers a variety of fabrics.


Have you made any of the Pine Glen Designs ornaments? What did you think of them?  Have you stitched any ornament that is stitched in pieces such as St Patrick’s Gold?  If so, please drop a link to your creations in the comments below.


Did you like this review? Did it contain all the expected information? Is there anything you would like added or removed from the reviews? Do you know of a particular chart or designer you want to see featured here? If so, please head to the Suggestions page and let me know.

Last Updated: 23 December 2014


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