Needlework Show

Each weekend we spotlight something that helps us as a stitcher. or perhaps in this case a stasher.  This weekend is the biannual Needlework Show, formerly known as the Online Needlework Show.

Needlework Show - Logo

The Needlework Show is an online trade show, where you can see new and favorite designs from a variety of designers.  You then order any designs you love via your local needlework shop or favourite online needlework shop..

The Needlework Show is organised and maintained by Cindy Ward of European Cross Stitch and was originally envisaged as a trade show for the rest of us. Usually only shop owners and staff can attend trade shows, and many stitchers around the world do not have needlework conventions we can easily travel to.  This show benefits stitchers in that we can all attend (from the comfort of our own home no less)!

This hybrid show also benefits the shop owners in that they can receive orders from stitchers during the Show.  The biggest risk for shop owners during traditional closed trade shows is that they can’t be sure what will sell or what will be very popular so they need to guess at what to buy or how many of a design to buy.  Not to mention the hassle of lugging all that new merchandise home!  Here they can receive orders from stitchers during the weekend and know what to buy at the end of the event.

Some shops offer discounts for Needlework Show orders placed during the show weekend. For example, Crazy Annie’s is offering 20% off and ABC Stitch Therapy is offering 10% off.

Note: I would be careful using the Show’s Retail Shop pages to find shops to order through.  The Australian shops page is rather out of date.

Needlework Show - Dinky Dyes partial page

The Designers participating in the Needlework Show vary from year to year and I think this weekend’s show is one of the smallest I have seen in a long while.  However, you can still see new and popular designs from:

  • A Kitty Kats Original
  • Agnes Delage-Calvert
  • Barbara Ana Designs
  • Barrani Design Studios
  • Bloom Woodworks
  • blu cobalto
  • Brodeuse Bressane
  • Carousel Charts
  • Cherished Stitches
  • Cody Country Crossstitch
  • Cross Stitch Wonders
  • Cross Stitching Art
  • Cuore e Batticuore
  • Designs by Lisa
  • Dessins DHC
  • Dinky Dyes
  • Dutch Treat Designs
  • Em-Li’s Threads of Gold
  • Erica Michaels Designs
  • Fabric Flair
  • Faby Reilly Designs
  • Fern Ridge Collections
  • Filigram
  • Gentle Pursuit Designs
  • Gingerbread Girl Designs
  • Handblessings Patterns
  • Heart’s Content
  • Just A Thought
  • Ladybug Designs
  • LaMonica Designs
  • Lilli Violette
  • Linen Sampler
  • Long Dog
  • Marie-Anne Rethoret
  • Mani di Donna
  • Moira Blackburn
  • MTV Designs
  • Muriel Berceville
  • My Big Toe Designs
  • Needle Bling Designs
  • Needle’s Notion
  • Northern Expressions Needlework
  • Patches ‘n Planks
  • Perette Samouiloff
  • Praiseworthy Stitches
  • Puffin & Company
  • Red Gate Stitchery
  • Reflets de Soie
  • Retromantic
  • Scarlet Quince
  • Seba Designs
  • Sekas & Co
  • Ship’s Manor
  • Shop Around the Corner
  • Stitches and Spice
  • Stitching Pretty
  • Stitching Studio
  • Sudberry House
  • Sweetheart Tree
  • Tam’s Creations
  • Tempting Tangles
  • Threedles Needleart Design
  • Vickery Collection
  • X’s & Oh’s

Carefully check the bottom of each page as some designers and stores are offering free charts or door prize competitions. So this weekend, have a look through the Needlework Show and see what new items tempt you.


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Cross Stitch Design and Fabric Viewer

Each weekend we spotlight something that helps us as a stitcher. The first item up is the Cross Stitch Design and Fabric Viewer. formerly known as the Mirabilia Viewer.

The Viewer allows you to pick a cross stitch design and shows you what it would look like on a variety of fabrics.

The Cross Stitch Design and Fabric Viewer is a personal project managed, updated and maintained by Dana Oliver Smith for the use and pleasure of the stitching community. As Dana keeps the site updated with new designs and fabrics as they come out, the Viewer is justifiably limited to eight prolific designers and thirteen fabric dyers.

The Designers are:

The Dyers are:

However, if you have a favourite designer you would love to see in the Viewer you can always email Dana.

The design images are quite small and may not show the intricacies of the pattern, especially any metallic or beading embellishments.

Update March 2015: The Viewer has undergone an extensive rewrite and the design images are now much larger.  I love this new size and such a clean interface!


Please note: The fabric pictures are only a rough indication; colours and extent of mottling change with every different fabric and may show quite differently on your screen.

That said, spend a relaxing few hours playing around the Cross Stitch and Fabric viewer discovering which combinations you would like to see come alive under your needle.


So this brings us the end of the first week of Reviews. How has it gone? Would you refer your friends to this site? Do you have a chart, stitchalong or designer you are just hoping I will review? Do you want your favourite shop or dyer listed here?

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Last updated: 3 March 2015 – to include updated links to Viewer and Chatelaine websites.