Tywyn Sampler by Charland Designs

An Elegant Sampler for a Wednesday; Tywyn Sampler by Sydney of Charland Designs. Don’t forget the giveaways, there’s something more coming from The Silk Mill!

Tywyn Sampler
Tywyn Sampler

From the Designer

This piece was especially designed as a teaching piece for a workshop in Tywyn, Wales. I loved the medieval “beast” design – adapted from an old, old chart. It seemed the perfect choice for Wales.

Two sets of alphabets are enclosed (Welsh and English). You may choose which ever you please and stitch the rows accordingly. Space is provided for you to add your name, town, and year.

And I loved visiting Wales.  Although the names were unpronounceable, it was a delightful place to visit!

Silver Charm Dragon
Silver Charm Dragon

Why this chart?

I love stitching band samplers. The act of stitching all of those different stitching is just so much fun!

I love trying out new stitches and Tywyn Sampler uses Cross stitch, Backstitch, Herringbone, Long Arm Cross, Upright Cross, Four-sided, Oblong Cross, Pulled Thread, Woven Cross, Hem Stitch, and an unnamed special stitch adapted from a Dutch book.

I also adore the differing colours used in this chart. Finally but most importantly, the fantasy lover in my adores the dragons; both the cross stitched dragon at the top, and the sterling silver charm over the pulled thread.

I love that the design includes so many options for personalization; English or Welsh alphabets, a beaked Celtic bird or a Cormorant bird, and the option to include your name, date and town if you so choose.

Tywyn Sampler uses fairly easy-to-learn specialty stitches and Sydney’s diagrams are very easy to follow.

The only exception to this is the pulled thread section.  If you have not stitched any pulled thread or Hardanger work before, you might want to lookup some You Tube videos and practice on a scrap piece of fabric first.

Given the pulled thread section, I would recommend this for an intermediate or advanced stitcher.


Charland designs are available through your favourite Local Needlework Store as printed charts or partial kits.  I was given the kit as a present from a friend. It has the chart, the sterling silver dragon charm and the floss.

The Tywyn Sampler chart pack includes a cover page, three pages of chart, one page of charting alternatives, and two double-sided pages of directions, and diagrams.

The cover page is printed on a woven white A5 (about half a US Letter) page.  The colour photo image is of the finished stitched design. The rest of the chart pages are in A4 (US Letter) light grey paper, folded in half.

Each of the three pages of the chart include the symbol key or legend on the right hand side of the page.   I like that some floss are included on the symbol key multiple times; once for each time it is used as a different stitch style.

The chart symbols are easy to see and easy to differentiate. Like all band samplers, you MUST refer to the directions before stitching any band.  Some that look like cross stitch on the chart, are actually stitched with different stitch types.

Although not mentioned anywhere, there is an eight-row overlap between these chart pages.  This is not shaded or indicated in any way, so beware.

The chart pages show the English alphabet. The single, alternative page, shows this same alphabet, but spread apart to show where to stitch the Welsh letters.  These Welsh letters are included in a small chart further down the page.

The bottom of the page includes a Celtic design for a cormorant which is only 7 stitches high.  The main chart has the beaked Celtic bird design that is 8 stitches high.

The four pages of directions list for each row: what stitch is to be used, which floss is to be used, and words and pictures to describe how to stitch that row.

With the possible exception of the drawn thread section, these directions, with the chart, make this an easy sampler to stitch.

When all the pages are folded, the last half page that is shown at the back of the packet lists all the information needed to kit up the design.  The stitch count, the fabric used in the model stitch, and which floss is used in the sampler.

Tywyn Sampler recommends 28ct linen to stitch. Given the specialty stitches used in this design, I also recommend this is stitched on evenweave or linen.

Tywyn Sampler
Tywyn Sampler

Materials Required

To stitch the charts exactly as designed, you will need:

Caron Waterlilies 101 Cherry


1 skein Caron Waterlilies #101 Cherry


Caron Waterlilies 072 Midnight


1 skein Caron Waterlilies #72 Midnight



Caron Wildflower 058 Mocha Rose


1 skein Caron Wildflowers #58 Mocha Rose


Londonderry 45 Cabernet


1 spool Londonderry Linen 50/3 #45 Cabernet

DMC Perle 8 - 644 Light Beige
1 ball DMC perle #8 644 Light Beige



28 count White Cashel Linen  (stitch count 71 x 177). This design is stitched over two, due to the specialty stitches.

28ct White Cashel Linen
28ct White Cashel Linen

28 count White Cashel Linen (with 3″ border allowance) fabric size is: 11” x 19”  or  28 x 48cm  or  a fat eighth (13 x 18″).

Approximate cost for Project

Approximate cost to stitch this design using the recommended materials (prices are in $US, at recommended retail and do  not include postage):

Chart: $  6.00
Floss:  $18.00
Fabric: $ 5.75

Total: $29.75  ($39.53 AUD or €19.86  or  £15.77)

Places to Buy

Charland Designs only sells wholesale to Local and Online Needlework Stores.  Their website lists the stores that stock Charland Design charts.


Colours Down Under has the Caron and DMC Perle threads and a variety of plain fabrics in stock. Jo would be happy to order in the chart, and offers a 10% discount on the package (chart + floss). Mention this review when ordering.

Colour Cascade Fabrics has a variety of fabrics for you to make this design unique. Caitlin recommends Golddigger old map Style or Silver Springs for this design.

Tammy offers a 15% discount for readers of this site. Code is: CSReview. Offer ends 27 February 2015.


Traditional Stitches in Calgary can order in this chart for you.  They have everything in stock to kit up this design for you!


Casa Cenina in Italy stock a variety of fabrics and floss for your unique creation.

United Kingdom:

SewandSo has  a range of floss and fabrics to make this design uniquely yours.

Chromatic Alchemy “I have chosen Permanganate for the Tywyn sampler. I think it contrasts with the reds in the piece beautifully.”

Crafty Kitten “Being a a dragon fan I really like this.  I would go with a fairly traditional sampler background colour to work with the threads.  So Oatmeal, Just Peachy or maybe Tea Rose, though that one might be a little too pinky to work as well as the other two.”

Sparklies “Sticking with a traditional neutral for this one with either Dr. Smith’s Tonic or Parchment.”

Thread Pickerz Silkz Eileen has been updating the Thread Pickerz Silkz website.  She offers 10% off each silk thread as it is added back into the collection.

For readers of this site, she offers an extra 10% discount if you use the code: Xstitchreview

United States:

123Stitch has the Caron and DMC Perle threads in stock and offers a variety of fabrics.

Black Cat Stitchery in Illinois has Caron and DMC Perle threads and a range of fabrics in stock to make this a project to remember.

Erica is offering a 5% discount for readers of Cross Stitch Review.  Coupon code: CSRSPRING15. Offer ends 31 May 2015.

Stitches n Things can order this chart in for you.  They have the Caron and DMC Perle threads and a variety of fabrics in stock.

Fiberlicious ” Sea Dragon for the Dragon and wording, pumpkin pasties for the rest.”


Do you like stitching band samplers?  Would you stitch this on a neutral fabric or a bold fabric?

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Last Updated: 25 February 2015