Wash Your Hands by Alicia Watkins

This week’s reviews are all from designers who sell on Etsy.  Today’s design was chosen by Julie Dollery; Wash Your Hands by Alicia Watkins.

Alicia Watkins - Wash Your Hands

From the Designer

Cross stitch patterns “Wash Your Hands” 5×7 (huck towel) and for bathroom towel or horizontal bookmark.

The completed stitches are designed to fit on specific towels, but the first one (with E. Coli) can also fit in a 5×7 frame when stitched on regular 14 ct Aida cloth.

Why this chart?

I have been a big fan of Giant Microbes plushies for years!  Yes my mother despairs of me at times. The librarian in me loves that these are educational toys and my young nephews love learning all about the different plushies I own.

I think framing this and hanging it in the bathroom would be a perfect reminder for them of the need for hygiene and a reminder of their favourite Aunty.

Yes I am aware that Mad Cow disease cannot be contracted via not washing your hands.  You could easily substitute in the Common Cold, Flu or Deadly Ebola Virus chart sections from the accompanying towel band chart.

Full disclosure, Julie actually chose the 50 microbes set because she knew I would love them; but I fell in love with the Wash Your Hands chart for my nephews.  I will get the 100 microbes set some day and stitch up a huge sampler for my wall.  Did I mention my mother despairs of me?

Wash Your Hands is a DMC on Aida chart that includes fractional stitches and French Knots.  I recommend this chart stitchers of all levels who like something a little geeky or educational in their bathrooms.

Wash Your Hands - Towel Band
Wash Your Hands – Towel Band


Alicia sells PDF charts, kits and fully stitching completed items through her Etsy store of hthe same name; Alicia Watkins.

If you buy a kit or finished stitch of Wash Your Hands, you can choose a different microbe in place of Mad Cow disease.

I have linked the images on this page to a current listing of the PDF chart for Wash Your Hands that is currently  for sale.  If you click on these links and see a “this item has been sold” message, just click on the Alicia Watkins shop link and look for a new listing for Wash Your Hands or any other design that takes your fancy.

When you buy Wash Your Hands, a webpage will open with the download links for the charts that you purchased.

Etsy - Download

You will also receive an email that sends you to this webpage, if you missed it.  Alternatively, you can always find the download links in your Etsy profile under “Purchases and Reviews”

Etsy - Purchases and Reviews

You can download the design as many times as you need in the next 15 days after purchase.  This is perfect for those who like to keep their cross stitch patterns in multiple backup locations.

THE PDF chart pack of Wash Your Hands has four separate files.  Two JPG image files and two PDF files.

The two JPG files are computer mockups of designs.  if you want to see what the designs look like after they have been stitched, check out the Microbes and Germs section of Alicia Watkins; this is where Alicia sells finished stitched versions of her designs.

The PDF files contain the charts and stitching instructions for that contain the charts for each version of Wash Your Hands; the large design and the towel band.

The larger design is is shown on one page, while the band chart is printed over two pages. The second page has a two-row shaded overlap to help you keep your place.

The floss symbols are shown with on a coloured backgrounds. These are an immense help to differentiate between two similar symbols when they are on completely different colours; however as the coloured backgrounds are quite dark, you will need to print the chart in colour to see some of the symbols.

Back stitching is also shown as a variety of coloured lines; another reason to print off your chart in colour.

Finally, both designs contain fractional stitches. As such you might want to enlarge your working copy to see these fractional stitch symbols.

The last page of the chart pack has everything needed to stitch Wash Your Hands; stitch count, preferred fabric, design size on the preferred fabric, and the joint floss list and symbol key.

I prefer to stitch fractional stitches in evenweave rather than  trying to poke holes through the bundles of threads in Aida fabric; however if this is not an issue for you, by all means stitch this design in Aida.

Materials Required

To stitch the charts exactly as designed, you will need:

DMC 310 Black


1 skein DMC 310 Black


DMC 414 Steel Grey dark


1 skein DMC 414 Steel Grey dark


DMC 415 Pearl Grey


1 skein DMC 415 Pearl Grey


DMC 772 Yellow Green very light


1 skein DMC 772 Yellow Green very light


DMC 841 Beige Brown light


1 skein DMC 841 Beige Brown light


DMC 3021 Brown Grey very dark


1 skein DMC 3021 Brown Grey very dark


DMC 3051 Green Grey dark


1 skein DMC Green Grey dark


DMC 3364 Pine Green


1 skein DMC 3364 Pine Green


DMC 3860 Cocoa


1 skein DMC 3860 Cocoa



Large Design:

14ct Aida or 28 count White or Cream Evenweave  (stitch count 51 x 77). With a three-inch border, fabric size needed is: 10” x 12”  or  25 x 30cm  or  a fat eighth (13 x 18″).

This chart is designed to fit into a 5 x 7″ frame or on a Charles Craft Showcase Huck Towel.

Charles Craft - Showcase Huck Towel
Charles Craft – Showcase Huck Towel


Band Design:

14ct Aida or 28 count White or Cream Evenweave  (stitch count 140 x 27). With a three-inch border, fabric size needed is: 16” x 8”  or  41 x 20cm  or  a fat eighth (13 x 18″).

This chart is designed to fit on a Charles Craft Aberdeen Hand Towel.

Charles Craft - Aberdeen Hand Towel
Charles Craft – Aberdeen Hand Towel

Approximate cost for Project

Approximate cost to stitch this design using the recommended materials (prices are in $US, at recommended retail and do  not include postage):

Chart: $ 4.99
Floss:  $ 4.05
Fabric: $5.20

Total: $14.25  ($29.50 AUD  or  $29.90 CAD  or  €18.25  or  £16.90)

Places to Buy

Alicia Watkins sells her PDF charts, kits and finished stitched items worldwide via her Alicia Watkins Etsy store. She offers discounts when you buy multiple charts, including:

Choose any five mini charts
50 microbes set


Colours Down Under has all the threads and a variety of plain fabrics in stock.

Colour Cascade Fabrics has all the threads in stock and a variety of fabrics for you to make this design unique. Caitlin recommends Bleed or Rocket Queen.

Tammy offers a 15% discount for readers of this site. Code is: CSReview. Offer ends 30 June 2015.

Tammy offers a 15% discount for readers of this site. Code is: CSReview. Offer ends 30 June 2015.

Tammy offers a 15% discount for readers of this site. Code is: CSReview. Offer ends 30 June 2015.


Traditional Stitches in Calgary have all the floss in stock and a selection of fabrics to suit your taste.


Casa Cenina in Italy stock all the floss and a variety of fabrics for your unique creation.

United Kingdom:

SewandSo stock all the floss and a variety of fabrics to make this design uniquely yours.

Chromatic Alchemy “Wash your hands really appeals to my geeky science side…and I know my microbiologist friend will have a meltdown when she sees these too! Such a fun design (well I think so anyway) I have decided to show these on Radioactive (how could I not?) and Flavian sky for something a little less in your face!”

Crafty Kitten “I doubt I’ll be the only one to mention you can’t get mad cow disease from not washing your hands (it’s a prion – a protein not a bacteria, transfer is from eating infected tissue from the nervous system of the animal, generally brain or spinal), but I guess it’s easier to spell than Campylobacter.

Anyway back to colours, I’d go with something bright, Strawberry sorbet (red, so warning!) or maybe Orchid.”

Sparklies “As soon as I saw what this piece was about I knew it had to be on an ‘evil’ green colour suggestive of the sickness that could result if you don’t follow the advice. So I would suggest either Scorpio or Potion for this one.”

Thread Pickerz Silkz Eileen has been updating the Thread Pickerz Silkz website.  She offers 10% off each silk thread as it is added back into the collection.

For readers of this site, she offers an extra 10% discount if you use the code: Xstitchreview

United States:

123Stitch has the  DMC thread in stock and offers a variety of fabrics.

Black Cat Stitchery in Illinois has the floss and a variety of fabrics in stock to make this a project to remember.

Erica is offering a 5% discount for readers of Cross Stitch Review.  Coupon code: CSRSPRING15. Offer ends 31 May 2015.

Stitches n Things in Michigan has all the floss in stock and a range of fabrics for your unique style.

Fiberlicious “This design is so funny! I love it! I’d imagine hanging it in the bathroom ^_^

I’d use Shades of Brown for E.coli, Moss for Salmonella and Shades of Grey for Mad cow Disease.


For the sayings I would choose Vampire Raspberry or Poison Rose for matching effect 😉

Under the Sea Fabrics Leslie recommends Burnt Bronze from her range of fabrics.


Would you stitch Wash Your Hands from Alicia Watkins? Would you ever stitch any germ or microbe to hang in your home, work place or for a friend?

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Last Updated: 2 April 2015