What is a FOTM?

FOTM stands for Fabric of the Month or Floss of the Month. These run similarly to Book of the Month clubs, or any other “of the month” club.

Image from Silkweaver
Image from Silkweaver

A FOTM (Fabric of the Month) program is one that a stitcher can join and, for a pre-paid fee, be sent :

  • a random selection of fabrics or floss
  • a selection from a pre-selected range of fabrics or floss
  • a limited edition fabric or floss designed for the FOTM
  • any or all or the above, or many other ‘cyclic’ offerings.

A floss or fabric of the month club can be run by the hand dyers or by your favourite Local or Online Needlecraft store.

There are many ways that these clubs are run but the one constant is that you buy the items at a discounted price.

Some require you to sign up for the year, some a minimum of three months and others let you decide each month if you want the fabric or floss.

FOTMs run by the dyers commonly have a mix of unique colours (available only that month) and items from their regular range over the twelve month period.   A few offer their FOTM members new colours every month.

Shops tend to use FOTMs to help you increase your stash of new fabric colours or fill out the gaps in your thread collection.


A small amount of money each month increases your collection (stash) of fabrics or threads.

A lovely gift in the mail each month (instead of all those bills).

Soon when you look at a chart, you can think – I have the perfect fabric and floss to stitch that design my way!


Do your research! Check social media and website reviews.  Does this company have a good reputation?  Do they send out their FOTM’s on time? Are their prices competitive with other FOTM clubs in their area? What are the international postal rates?

Try to sign up for a fabric or a floss type you have used before.  It would be a shame to sign up for an opalescent linen FOTM Club and then find out that you dislike stitching on opalescent or linen!

Also, if possible check previous FOTM colours from this designer. Are they the types of colours you use?  Do the FOTMs seem to be all pastels when you use bolder colours? Does there seem to be a lot of one colour fabrics (i.e. most of the FOTMs are blue/green or red/pink) and you have heaps of that colour already in your collection.

Places to Buy


Colour Cascades Fabrics – Facebook

“You decide if you want to buy each month (I will not bill you on a monthly basis as some FOTM run). You decide which Monthly Melody option you like (or both). You decide the fabric, count, and size.

All you have to do is send an email to ccfsales@bigpond.com stating Name, Email, Postal Address, Option, Fabric/count/Size.

Any orders received direct to this email will receive 10% off their Ltd Edition piece of fabric. These fabrics will be available until the 30th April.”

Stitches and Spice – website

“Colour choices will be across our entire palette selection & may also include exclusive fabric club colours not otherwise released.

You can choose fat eighths and/or fat quarters from our range of Aida, evenweaves or linens.  Mailings will include a random sampling of counts unless you specifically request otherwise.”

Naomi has been quite ill this past year but is on the mend. Stitches and Spice are still taking sign-ups for their FOTMs, they will consist of  in-stock fabrics until Naomi gets the all clear from her doctor.


Traditional Stitches – website

“We offer monthly clubs  called Collector Programs for all the Fabrics and threads brands that we carry.  Look through for pricing and information on any fabric or thread that you love.

If someone is interested in collecting a fabric that isn’t listed, we are happy to create a custom program for them.”

New Zealand: 

Country Stitch – website

The Rainbow Club – We will send you a wonderful surprise of quality fabrics from Zweigart each month. The despatch date is usually around the 20th of the month, so you get a welcome month-end colour treat!

This is a fantastic way of trying out new colours and fabrics and of course you get to build up your stash at the same time. If you choose more than one option, rest assured that you will not receive any double-ups of fabric or colours that month.

You will receive a different rainbow colour each month and this could be any fabric from our range. Fabric selections will usually be 25, 28 or 32 count linen or evenweave. You can also tailor your membership to suit your needs – we believe in sending fabrics that you will actually be able to use! If you have specific colour or fabric preferences, be sure to let us know. We can even include higher count linens (36 and 40 count) occasionally if you wish.

United Kingdom:

Chromatic Alchemy – Facebook, website coming soon

“This is not a club that you sign up to. I will be creating a new fabric once a month and releasing it as a FOTM. For the month you will get 10% discount on that colour after which it will then be a range fabric and back at full price.

So here is Aprils FOTM! This is Nimbus a beautiful pale blue cloud like fabric reminiscent of a spring/summer sky. Below are scans on Aida, Evenweave and Linen for clarity.

Remember there is 10% off all orders of Nimbus until the end of April!”

Crafty Kitten – website

“All of the fabrics are overlocked and dyed on Zweigart fabrics and with the exception of the limited edition colour of the month, are from our standard over-dyed range.

You can subscribe monthly, in which case we will send you a PayPal invoice after your first months subscription which will be payable before the 1st Friday in the month, the following Wednesday we will send out the club fabrics.

You can also subscribe annually and pay all in one go, which gives you the twelfth month’s fabric for free.

Fabrics will be selected randomly from our range for each month and each month all options will always include a cut of the limited edition fabric of the month in their selection.  In a 12 month period there will be no fabric colour repetition within a single FOTM category, and other than the monthly limited edition colour there will never been repetition between the different size options in a single month.”

Jodyri Designs – website

“To join our monthly thread clubs just select and pay for your first month at the level you wish –  5 or 10 threads per month. You will then automatically be invoiced around the middle of the month and your threads postage shortly after payment is received (dependant on postage days).

There is a small discount for purchasing the threads in this way and there will be special club members promotions throughout the year. To qualify for club member promotions and exclusives you need to be part of the monthly club for three months without a break.

The fabric will be based on the limited edition thread each month and available in various standard sizes and types. To join the club please select your preferred fabric size and type and pay for your initial fabric.

On subsequent months you will be invoiced at the beginning of the month and a picture will be displayed of the months fabric. Club members will be eligible for special offers during the year but you must be a member for 3 consecutive months to qualify. If on a particular month you do not like the fabric you can opt out without it affecting your membership status and eligibility for member offers but if you decide to opt out for two or more consecutive months or more than three times in a calendar year then your membership will start anew the next time you purchase the club fabric.”

Polstitches – website

Polstitches produces a Limited Edition fabric each month. These are limited to only those in the Limited Edition fabric club plus a few extras which will be for sale to everyone else.  The extras are very limited so if you want to be surprised with a gorgeous one-off Polstitches fabric, join this club.

“Join our main range fabric club in any fabric and we will send you a a fabric that are missing from your selection every month. Email us your list of existing polstitches fabrics and the choice of fabric you wish to receive and we will make sure you only receive fabrics that are not already in your stash.

Collect Threads from all our fabulous thread ranges at a 10% Discount. We will keep a data base of the threads we send you to ensure we don’t double up. You can also send us a list of what you have already.”

Sparklies – website

“Herein lies the opportunity to feed your inner stash monster. Join the Fabric of the Month Club to receive a monthly addition to your stash.

Mailings are every month except November (when I’m busy with the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show) and the options shown are not exhaustive.

You can change your option at any time by emailing me without having to sign up again. Once signed up you can choose potluck, a wish list or a combination of the two. At least half the potluck pieces in a year will be specials for the FOM club, some of which do go on to added to the regular range, so the potluck/wishlist combo allows you to have specials when I do them, or wish list pieces otherwise.

Invoices are sent out usually in the first week of each month, and fabrics are mailed by the end of the month. This means that overseas customers probably won’t receive their fabric until the following month. Postage is included in the price for UK customers and a discounted rate for everyone else. Payment by Paypal for everyone outside the UK, other options are available for UK customers.”

United States:

Dye Stitch Love – Facebook

“In March 2015, I started my Fabric of the Month Club.  My group is like most others in that yes, I do offer a monthly selection and the club members select their own choice of fabric, count and size.

However, with my club, if the members do not want the monthly selection, they can gladly choose any other color in my line and it will be replaced with that selection.  There are times when a person will not need or want a certain color selection so I try to make it pleasant for them and not have them buy a color they will never use.

I only ask for a standard three month commitment and that is all.  I try to think outside the box a lot and try to offer original color combinations.”

Mo’s Sale – Facebook and website

“The choice of fabrics is Aida 14, 16, 18, Monaco 28 and coming soon Linen 32.  The size of each piece is 30 x20.  The prices are:

Aida 14 $13
Aida 16 $15
Aida 18 $15
Monaco 28 $17
Linen 32 $17

I also have an Auto Order program for my fibers.  Because I post 10 new or re-dyed cottons or new silk every week, you can choose the option that fit you the best. If you use only cotton, you can enrol for only cotton new and re-dyed or just new, it is up to you.  Each set consists of 10 colors. You can Auto Order as many sets as you want. I invoice once a month. The options are:

New cotton 10 skeins for $9
Redyed cotton 10 skeins $9
Silk 10 skeins $13.50”

Silkweaver – website

“Imagine having an assortment of fabrics delivered to your door each month automatically. Imagine each assortment pack containing fabrics that are different from previous months. Imagine the variety of fabric you will have in just a few months. Now imagine having just the right fabric for that project in your stash…….

Imagine no longer – Join Silkweaver’s Fabric of the Month Club for an array of breathtaking fabrics and colors! Whether you prefer Linen, Lugana, Jazlyn, Tula, or Aida Cloth, we have something to fit everyone’s stitching needs. Each piece will be individually cut, packaged, and labeled. We only use the finest quality fabrics which are all created by ZWEIGART.

Our “Wish List” option is perfect for stitchers wanting to choose specific fabric types, counts, and colors.

We hand select a wonderful variety of colors and mail them to you once a month for your stitching enjoyment

Monthly Program = 12 shipments per year
Bi-Monthly Program = 6 shipments per year (every other month)
Quarterly Program = 4 shipments per year (every three months)”

Sunny*Dyes – Website

“You select which fabric type & size you’d like. You pay~as~you~go each month (you will be billed by Youthful Hands Needle Crafts on the 1st of each month). Fabrics will be shipped by the 10th of each month. **If you join or pay after the 6th of the month, your membership won’t start or be painted until the next month.

You can even give a club membership as a gift~just notify us of the recipient’s name & address. You will be billed each month, and the recipient will get a beautiful piece of fabric each month!”

Under the Sea Fabrics – website

“I have lots of options and variations for any budget.

Select from Aida, Linen/evenweave or Opalescent options. Please Select your favored size and count and enter a wishlist of colors in the comments section at checkout.  You will receive a PayPal invoice at the beginning of the month after initial purchase until cancellation.

For the Stitcher’s Eighth Size, you will receive one piece (13×17) of the color of the month or colors from your wishlist.

For the Fat Quarter Size, you will receive one large piece (18×26) or two small pieces (13×17) in the color of the month or colors from your wishlist.

For the Fat Half Size, you will receive one large piece (26×36) or two small pieces (18×26) in the color of the month or colors from your wishlist.”


Are you in one of these FOTMs?  Whoat do you think of your FOTM?  Do you love it? Have you been in it long?

Are there any FOTMs that I’ve missed – please comment below and I will include them in this article.

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Last Updated: 11 April 2015